The “Fun” Continues . . . .

Well sure enough, last night the little guys were back. This time a much smaller youngster got caught in the trap.

I got smart though, and stood the trap up and hosed the dirt and leaves out before I dragged it through the house. Much less mess. And I tried not to get the little lady wet, as she scampered to the top of the cage when the water got on her, not liking it one bit.

But no orphan eyes from this little girl! As sweet as her face was, she snarled and growled like a wolverine, baring her teeth and claws if I got too close. It’s surely true that the female is the deadliest of the species.

I let her go at the beach, and hope she will find her brother. When I finally got her out of the cage – she decided to hang on tight at the end away from the door and took some convincing – she was off and got about 25 feet up a nearby tree in less time that it took for me to turn around.

No more time to get the rest, but maybe this will deter them. I hope.

Fierce (wet) warrior


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