Well, Here I am . . .

Wow!! What a trip! Seven hours to Paris – and that was after we taxied on the runway for so long that I thought that the pilot had decided to drive there – then 4 hours in CDG in Paris, just time enough to go out through Customs and get my passport stamped and go back in, then another 10 hours to JHB. Then it was 3 hours more to get out of the airport and another hour to get ‘home’. This may be my last long trip by plane unless I can afford to fly other than sardine class. Just too uncomfortable.

But I’ll tell you, flying into the sunrises spectacular! Up above the clouds, watching the “horizon” turn a soft gold while puddles of fiery orange appeared here and there. Then flying over the Sahara, seeing the incredible vast distances of just nothing but sand. Then, mountains, rivers, jungle, cities . . . I am amazed at how high you can be and still see each individual house and building.

It really is winter in Jozie. And most buildings here seems to ignore both heat and cold. Don’t understand it – single pane windows everywhere and no insulation – but I guess I should save that for the greenbuilding list. Let’s just say for now that there was ice inside my windows this morning.

Where I’m staying is very pleasant. Got waked up by some birdsong. They don’t seem to mind the cold. Nice folks work there, good breakfast, and now trying to catch up here on technology that’s a decade old and has a keyboard that works when it wants to – so I have to watch carefully or whole sections will be missing here. Bear with me, chums, eh?

The sun is shining and I’ve managed to find a guide to drive me out to the Johannesburg Lion Park this afternoon – you can find it on the internet, as you can The Melville House where I’m staying.

This entry has taken me 40 of the 45 minuted I booked here, so I can see that my entries may not be as intensive as I would have liked, if all of the technology is like this. Boy, how fast we forget . . . .

Love you all, especially the grandchildren and my kids. I’ll share as much as I can so that hopefully you can get some fun out of this too.

Bye for now.

Courtyard of Melville House

Room at Melville House



  1. elaine c said

    Hi there Marilyn,

    I’m green with envy about your adventures — and concur about flying in sardine fashion for great distances.

    Hope all goes well with your ventures.


  2. Kayleigh said

    Glad you got there safe and sound.

    Wanted you to know I gave your blog address to a couple of people who asked for it so you may have a few comments from people you don’t know. SO many people are interested and awed by your trip…

    Take care.
    We love you and will miss you but SO applaud you 🙂

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