Emergency, Emergency!!

Darn, what TV show is that line from anyway? Was a long time ago.

I do have some pics up now for the first couple of posts, and I’ll fill in as I have time.

So, the emergency story . . .

On the bus from Jozi to Durban, there was not only a driver, but a steward who’d explain things just the same as on an airplane, and hand out juice and cookies. (A lot of ‘made-up’ jobs here to help with the unemployment – almost makes it feel like a Communist bloc country) Anyway, one of the things that struck me funny was that she referred to the ’emergency toilet’ at the back. I thought this was just a slip of the translation – HAH!!

When I had to use it I found out exactly why it was called the ’emergency’ toilet. If you knew what was in store for you, you’d think much more than twice before daring it. There was no light for starters, and no handle to hang onto as the bus rounded corners or hit bumps. There was no toilet seat. The waste seemingly was sent straight to the pavement via a little flap, and not into a storage bin. But what was worst, was that after you had done your business, if the bus driver turned so that the wind was hitting the flap a certain way (I’m guessing here) all the liquid flew back up and splattered all of the back of you that was within reach. ARRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!

OK, forgot to tell about my visit to Moyo, the Jozi restaurant I wanted to try. I had the shrimps in coconut sauce for starters and the ostrich for mains. Check out their menu – make your mouth water.

More for today, but I’m freezing my behind off here, contrary to sweatiung it off in +90 degrees a day or so ago. Weather changes as often as Canada’s.

More, and some pics, when it warms up. . . .

Moyo Restaurant

Beadwork wall hangings in the JAG

Outskirts of Durban



  1. Teana said

    I’m rolling with laughter. I will keep that in mind if I ever need the emerg bathroom in Africa. The bathrooms on buses and planes here are much the same . It is a case of hang on . Hit very bad turbulence on a flight from Calgary . Nearly sucked down the hole. No seat belts on that seat and it was a bit of a wild ride. LOL
    Will try the cucumber skins. Will be away for a week but really looking forward to reading more. You are one of the hightlights of my day.Stay well and enjoy.

  2. Brian said

    “Emergency! Emergency! Everybody to get off of the street!”

    That’s from The Mouse that Roared, book and movie.

    I think maybe what I’m thinking of is the Smothers’ Brothers or something like that. I remember it was said continually by a little Mexican guy.

    But I don’t know how you remembered Mouse That Roared – that *was* a while ago . . .

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