Sunday, Sunday!

It’s Sunday and it’s been a slow day, and it was wonderful. It’s only 7:30 p.m. and everyone else is already in bed.

I had been invited to go to a church service that was just a few people here and in the neighbourhood that have nothing else within reach, but I politely declined since I really, really, wanted to sleep in – and I didn’t know what else I might be called on to do, as things don’t seem to be very organised.

I slept in until almost 10 a.m. and was up in time to give hugs to the two original girls who were staying on after the others left today. They were very sad to see their chums go, and of course they have made plans to visit the Dutch boys in Holland and to see the other British girl when they get back. There were a lot of tears today!

I cleaned out the computer this afternoon to see if I could get it to run a bit faster, and there has been some improvement, but it would take a lot more than that to make it comparable to what most of us are used to.

The kitchen is only a two burner hot plate and a big toaster oven kind of thing where only the top element seems to work. So cooking anything significant can be a bit of a challenge, especially as the pots and pans situation is kind of – um – odd, too! I cooked some pork loin, fried potatoes and broccoli for us all, and it was a good supper. The girls drove me to the lodge to get some fruit drinks – I haven’t yet tried driving in the vehicles here and wanted to wait until it was daylight for my first run – and we saw the bush baby again.

They look sort of like koalas, but with much bigger eyes. In fact their eyes are so big that it’s hard to believe they are real. Their eyes make them look sort of cartoonish – but still cute as all get out. All the children at the lodge want to take one home. I asked Oscar, our new volunteer co-ordinator about their petworthiness, and what he said made me think of raccoons. Really cute, but grow up to be nippy, destructive and demanding – and nocturnal as well. And as a big plus, they urinate on their hands for better traction.

I got a picture finally.  It’s a pretty bad picture, and I’ll try to get another, but maybe you can get the idea.  This one was hiding in the tree waiting to steal another tea bag from the coffee station. Don’t know why they like tea bags, but they seem to. And bread, and Smarties.

Oscar showed up this afternoon to meet us all and I think there will be some changes soon. He is moving in tomorrow, so we will see more of him and perhaps get things running on a better schedule here.

I had made some suggestions to both Ernest and Oscar about things that might ‘green’ up the operation – separating grey water and black water, composting, using grey water and compost for a kitchen garden, etc. They told me that unfortunately because of the rules governing a protected area, we were not allowed to do anything ‘unnatural’, like watering, and also not allowed to introduce any foreign plants – including carrots etc !!! So that puts paid to a lot of my ideas, but I still have more – roof vents to let out the heat is the big one. With tin roofs and no insulation or ceilings, the heat is apparently horrendous in the summer and can reach 140F inside on a good day! Too much for me . . . And to think that many of the people here, both white and black, live like that all the time. Sheesh! Maybe you get more used to it, but I doubt that anyone ever gets to really like it that hot.

I got the use of the camp phone today, and was given a package with a new SIM card to put in it – but don’t know how to do that – I’m cell-phone-phobic, I think. Hate the things. Just another leash tying us to noise we don’t want to hear. BUT – if any of you have experience changing SIM cards, let me know any tips you have. I just hope there are directions in the package.

Going to go and read and sleep now – big day tomorrow.

Did I tell you that I sleep with my curtains to the deck open so that I can see any animals that come around? I still love hearing them all during the night and am hoping to see what makes the noises, but no luck so far.

Ven and Nelly, lodge staff.  Ven will be one of my computer students.

Walt Disney must have thought this up!



  1. Eli Jakeman said

    I urinate on my hands, for traction of course, at work too.

    * * * *
    Well, I guess I don’t really want to take you home then, either.

    But tell me, does it really work?? And what does Kayleigh say??

  2. Brian said

    Changing SIM cards is easy– open the back of the phone, take out the battery, and the SIM card plugs in right behind it. You’ve probably discovered that by now.

    * * * *
    Yep, Bongale, my right hand man, who drives me just about every place I have to get to in my daily rounds, knew how to do it and showed me. The hardest part was figuring how to get the back of the phone off, but we did it.
    But thanks, again.

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