Makhokho makes a point

Today was the regular – primary school in the morning until 1 p.m. and then off to the lodge to teach computer applications to Lucy. She did really well too.

I was with the Gr 7 class today – nice kids – after lunch. One of the boys excused himself to the latrine, and when he came back he had two of the plates that the school uses for serving lunch. He walked across the room and handed them to one of the girls – *she* was supposed to take them out to where the dishes were being washed.

I called him back and took the plates, and asked him if those plates belonged to that girl. He said no. So I asked him if they belonged to his school. He said yes. Then I asked him if his legs were broken. He looked quite confused until I handed him the plates and gave him a slight turning in the direction of the door. The class literally shrieked with laughter. He was a good sport about it and came back grinning. I told him he was a brave boy and very good-natured. He told me in a roundabout way that he (already) had realised that there wasn’t any point in scowling over things since it only made you feel worse.

Saw the zebras again tonight when I was coming home on the staff bus from the lodge. They are so handsome, and you really have to see them ‘live’ to catch on to how fast and strong they are.

It was in the low 90s again today. I can’t believe how much the temperature fluctuates here, even in a day. Last night wasn’t too cold, maybe 65 or so, but the other 90 degree day we had, it had been in the mid 50s overnight. It seems it can zip up 40 degrees F in a matter of 3 or 4 hours. I’ll tell you, I’m very glad I won’t be here in November and December and the early part of the year, when it can get up to the high 40s (Celcius), I’m told. I’d just be lying on the concrete floors of the kitchen and begging folks to throw buckets of water on me. Brutal!

There were a couple other instances today where there was some innuendo and suggestiveness in the joking, but I managed to turn things around so that I could change the direction of the conversation but in a way that made everyone have a good laugh. The people in this neighbourhood, whether Zulu or Tsonga, are always ready for a good laugh, even if it’s on themselves, and since I’m such a fool we do get on well.

But now, I really do need a shower.

A caveat – since I’ve been so lax about having my camera either with me or ready for action, I am borrowing a few pics from other volunteers. And some of them – well everybody really – take much better pics than I do – so enjoy.

Really big guy

Great Hairdo


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