Not too much new

today, so this may be short.

Didn’t go to school this morning, was feeling a bit harried and down for some reason. Went to Manguzi and got some money for my telephone that Ernest is bringing in a day or two and also got some fruit juice. The stuff they give the volunteers and call fruit juice is so far from any real fruit (6%) it’s pretty bad.

On the whole we get fed pretty well. There seems to be a lot of money spent on groceries for this place, but it’s unfortunate that some of the volunteers seem to think it’s OK to take a couple weeks worth of meat and other groceries and have a braai, either here or elsewhere, and feed all kinds of people that have nothing to do with Tembe. If it was once in a blue moon, it wouldn’t seem so outrageous, but this is the third time and I haven’t even been here two weeks yet. It’s no wonder that volunteer fees have gone up 50% this year. Kind of bothers me that they’re not thinking this thing through.

Computer lesson went well, and I used my brother’s “smooshing” technique, and it was wonderful. Big eyes at being able to get your work back when the screen had been full of gibberish.

Saw more of those guinea fowl today and tried to get a photo just for Wayne but it didn’t turn out so well – no surprise <G> They are apparently very rare though – beautiful too.

As I said evreyone has gone off to a braai so I’m here in the blessed peace and quiet, with no bass from the CD player thumping through the walls everywhere. I just long for peace and quiet sometimes. At home I’d go out and sit on the porch sometimes at 4 a.m. – the quietest time in downtown Toronto – just to soak up the quiet and recharge.

Going to have my supper and then do a bit of reading, and off to bed. Hope you all had a good day.

** And do hope you all realise that you can double click on any of the photos to get a full screen version, and that a mouse-over on the thumbnail will give you a bit of info . . .??

Famous fast food, SA style

Guinea fowl, helmeted or crested, I forget

Staff bus I take now between the lodge and the volunteer quarters


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  1. MT said

    Sawubona, grannym!

    Hope everything is fine with you, and that the ‘gloom cloud’ that was hovering over you the other day has disappeared. Yes, it is easy to get discouraged when you see the vast difference between the haves and the have-nots in Africa, and to know that you, as a visitor there for such a short time, can do so little to rectify the situation. But hang in there – and know that those young women hoping to go into hotel management are so lucky to have your help on the computer, even if it is just for a few days. (Don’t you think it would be a good thing if all Canadian teenagers were magically plopped down into the wilds of KZN for just 24 hours and told to make it on their own?? What an eye-opener it would be for them to realize they have life so cushy here at home!)

    Have you found decent juice yet? There is one brand called ‘Ceres’ that is quite good. You can get it here at Zehr’s. I’m partial to the mango. In the bigger towns there are snack places called “Juicy Lucy” which do fresh-squeezed drinks – mnandi!!! Is it pineapple time where you are? I love those little pineapples that are sold by the side of the road, peeled, held by the ‘handle’ and eaten like a popsicle.

    So …… you are appreciating the guineafowl! It is a beautiful thing, but rather stupid. The common one is KZN’s provincial bird, and replicas of it are found in every souvenir shop (I know, I have about 50 of them here at home). It is also delicious in a pie with a little pastry on top. I think the one in your picture is the crested (if it has a Beatle topknot), and is quite rare – definitely not pie material.

    Hope you are not flagging from the heat. Looking forward to the next e-report on your adventures! MT

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