Thundering . . . . ??

Good grief! Do you know how loud it sounds when some animal (likely a bushbaby) pees on your tin roof? I was awakened with a start and thought that Niagara Falls had moved into the closet.

Thanks for the support Lise. I have done that – asked them to fill out a timetable so I’ll know what time I should be there and for who and what. But guess what? Bet you won’t be surprised . . . There is no word for timetable in Zulu!

I have gone on a couple game drives – that is wonderful. Just cruising through the bush looking for whatever may be there. I have also done one session of elephant monitoring, but no lion monitoring yet. That will come next week when the other two British girls go home. Letting them have their last bit of fun.

That will just leave one British girl, who is due to leave at the end of the month, and myself. A new volunteer is coming in then too. Also a group of 8 wildlife researchers are coming for one night sometime soon.

Juvenile or female nyala got into the camp today and they are so pretty. Standing just a few feet away from them and talking to them softly while they looked at me with those big eyes and tried to decide whether to run or continue lunch was just great.

Passed a still-steaming pile of elephant spoor this morning while driving Vanessa to the gate, so keeping a sharp eye out for those elephants. The Korando may be a big pile of steel, but still not up to taking on an elephant.

It’s fun driving the 4X4 – the shifting on the wrong side turned out to be easier than I’d thought it would be, once I get the right hand (actually, the left hand <G>) going. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to shift with the right door handle though.

And yesterday I went to lean on the left door as I always do, and darn near fell into the passenger seat. I really have to pay attention. But it is harder when it’s well over 90F. You just get drowsy.

Going elephant monitoring again tomorrow, then over to the school on Friday to see if they’ve done the schedule. If they haven’t I’ll have to go around to each class and get them to sit down with me right then and plan.

I’m planning to go out on a culling trip, and have asked to be able to help field dress the animal. I’ll have to get some clothes I can throw away afterwards, as they likely won’t wash out very well. And I probably won’t want the memories.

But I’ve always said that if you were willing to eat meat that you should be willing to kill and dress it and not wimp out with only sanitary plastic-wrapped dinner where someone else has done the dirty work. Time to put my money where my mouth is . . .

. . . but if I come home a confirmed vegetarian, we just won’t discuss it, OK??


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  1. RBC said

    Vegetarian: wouldn’t be surprised. My friend in London became one after going to a buffet where the traditional fare includes roast beef. The side of beef made her realize just where all that beef comes from! That was 1980.

    Guess you’d better wait though until your return. Can’t imagine you trying to tell your hosts you’re going veggie!!

    * * * *
    It sure is a problem!! Have eaten lots of sausage made on site with no idea what the original animal was and didn’t really want to know . . .

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