Decisions, decisions,

I have finally decided to stay at MyThai Guest House and Cooking School when I go back to Durban at the end of the month.

There seemed to be several nice places – the place I stayed when I was there for one night on the trip up was not very hospitable and the food was not good at all.

But good food doesn’t seem to be something SA has gotten around to much with all the other things it has to do. Haven’t found any cheese that actually tastes like cheese rather than hard bath soap, and no good chocolate at all. Maybe as I see more of the urban centres???

But MyThai promised computer access, and they were the only ones who did. Some of the others had wireless access available, but I just can’t afford to buy a computer and then lug that around the country with me.

They’re on the ‘net, so you can look them up . . .

Dawn from the water tower



  1. RBC said

    Do you know I did a Google search right now for “MyThai Guest House and Cooking School” and GOT THIS BLOG!!! You’ve been Google’d.

    been busy with the elections so missed reading your journal for the last few days. It’s like not picking up the book I’m reading 🙂

    Toronto so far is still warm weather. Today i was out until after 8pm in a sleeveless Tshirt! We’ll try and keep the snow away until your return!

  2. RBC said

    Here’s some info on Durban for you, if you’ve not already read it.

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