Sigh . . .

I’m just a little bit homesick today, and nothing planned to distract me from it. Seems to come about every two weeks and make me a little crabby.

Miss my grandkids, and want to hug them. Wish they’d leave me some message and say “Hi”. Hugs from Granny, all you little guys.

On the other hand, I just saw the hugest monkey. Must have been almost up to my knee when he was on all fours. The big guys usually don’t come out – they’re too smart. They hide and send the youngsters in to rob the kitchen or trash your room, then when the little ones come out with the booty, they cuff them and take it away from them. But this guy was looking for mischief on his own. That doesn’t bode well for his life-span.

Gotta go now – too hot to sit in here.

Visit to Sangoma - from Cait

Path to burial cave, and why I didn’t go!



  1. Phyllis Campbell said

    Hi MZ

    Just a wee hi from Toronto the good.
    I have been enjoying your adventures and the photos. Not being a traveler
    I have no tips for you. Labour day is tomorrow. Boo Hoo, the end of summer is near.
    Do you have any idea what the time difference is?
    Take care of yourself.

    * * *
    HI!! Phyllis!

    Really nice to hear from you. Yes Labour Day is today and I called all my grandkids yesterday to wish them a happy return to school.
    The time difference is 6 hrs right now, and I forget which way it goes after DST changes – an hour more I think. They don’t run DST here as it’s 12 hrs of sunshine all year round.
    I will take care of myself, and will see you in November.
    Thanks for ‘dropping by’.

  2. MT said

    Sawubona, Nkosazane!

    Or maybe that should be Nkosikasi (as we are women of ‘an age’, as they say). Anyway, hope you have gotten rid of the Labour Day Blues by hearing your family back home. Sometimes weekends can be long when you are on your own, even at home. In the work week there is always somebody about to visit. And it’s not as if you can just jump in your car and go to a mall to kill a few hours, right? Is Manguzi big enough to have a Spar or a Shoprite Checkers as a grocery store? Even those can be a thrill to shop in the bundu (which is ‘the wilds’ – like our boonies – come to think of it, maybe that is the origin of boonies? Probably not. By the way, all these words I keep throwing in are probably not spelled correctly. Not many Zulu dictionaries here in S. Ontario).

    ** Blues gone as soon as work kicked in again, thanks. Lots to keep me busy here.
    There is a Spar in Manguzi – and two – count ’em, two – wholesalers. Amazing how exciting a grocery store can be when you come in from the bush, eh?
    As for spelling, well, it can be anyone’s guess sometimes. At least for non-Zulus. Some of the sounds are so alike (k, g, kh) that it’s hard to get your ear around them to spell them correctly. And the alternate spellings, which seem to be used in different areas – like magogo and makhokho – same word, and both in my dictionary. I like makhokho better since magogo reminds me too much of Mr Magoo . I couldn’t find a dictionary at home anywhere, not even on the net, but I’ve got one here now. ***

    Re the lizard tracks – the leguvaan is BIG, so probably did not make those drag marks. It think it is a kind of monitor. In Durban we had blue-headed lizards that were about a foot long, plus tail, and they annoying hung out in the mailbox that stood on a post at the roadside. Scary thing to stick your hand in for the letters, only to have a couple of frightened lizards streak out. Feel the same way as you do about reptiles – pretty to look at, but don’t let them appear without warning. The thing with snakes and lizards there is – they are not just on the ground like our little garter snakes and skinks. A person has to be scanning the trees and bushes all the time as well as the ground.

    **Don’t remind me. If it wasn’t so blinking hot, I’d be wearing turtlenecks 24/7. I know it wouldn’t do much good, but would make me feel better. ***

    You are going to be rushed off your feet seeing all those sights in Durban in such a short time. Durban had a great Snake Park and Aquarium on the beachfront, but I understand it has been moved and made bigger and even better a bit out of the main downtown. Haven’t seen the Waterpark from the inside yet, but drove by it. Also saw Gateway Mall in Umhlanga (a drive of maybe half an hour n.) – a city in itself – rock-climbing walls, theatres, as well as stores). There is a nice mall very near Innes Rd. – called Musgrave Centre – has everything you’ll want only minutes from the guesthouse. Have you been to a Woolworth’s yet? They are nothing like the Woolies we remember from childhood – more like a Marks and Spencers – good quality stuff at very good prices. Their Food Hall is excellent, fresh groceries and ready-made meals. Bet you’ll find some good chocolate there as well. Speaking of food, the seafood in Durban will be great. I love the prawns (our shrimp) with lemon-butter. People rave about the crayfish and langoustines, but I find that too filling and rich. But give me a nice plain fillet of kingklip or sole or kabelou, some chips and salad and I’m happy. At one time you could visit the Spice Market in the Indian section of town, but I don’t know how safe that might be for you now. It was a riot of colour and the smells assailed the senses. Maybe the Cooking School could arrange a visit for you.

    ** I keep hearing about “Woolies” and will definitely have to visit. The spice market sounds wonderful – the young Zulu girl in Toronto that tried to teach me a bit of language and customs before I came spoke of it wistfully. ***

    Well, I have blithered on long enough about my ‘second home’. Must have been a travel agent in a former life. Have a safe week, Gogo m, and stay away from those thieving monkeys – little swine. They are mubi (another word for you – ‘not nice’)!

    Cheers from MT

  3. mary said

    Hi Lynnie: 🙂 I’ve been reading your messages and envying you. I took one of your blogs to my Int. Business class, it was a bit of an eyeopener for them. We are all fine here. I am sorry I forgot to tell you about the homesickness; the first time I was away, I was having flashbacks of turkey gravy by Thankgiving. I had never been homesick and didn’t know what it was. I thought that I was losing my mind–I probably did.
    We are all fine. Adam is in Tofino working for a bit but should be home next week.
    Enjoy it all!
    * * *
    Hi Merry:
    Good to hear from you.
    Since my mind is used to two week vacations, I guess that it’s natural that I would start to miss things and folks after some time – but still amazed at what I see here, and enjoying it.
    Glad you are all fine, and give my love to your mom and the kids.

  4. Crystal D said

    Hey there, I know you are missing your grand kids, I am happy to say that they started school today. Davina starts on Thurday she was really excited but today she said she is really nervous, We are going for our interview with her teacher tomorrow so she’ll get to see the classroom hopefully that puts her at ease a bit. After school I will get the older two to check out the blog and send you a note. Best wishes and peaceful sleeps

    * * * * * * * *
    Hi Crystal!!
    Thanks so much for writing. I did get to talk to Davina for a couple minutes on Sunday, and it was fun. Tell her that at school she will learn to read and write, so that she can write her own story books. That’s usually the hook for readers. It was for me.
    Will any of her friends from pre-school be starting with her?
    Love to all from Granny M

  5. RBC said

    Zulu English Dictionary
    Zulu English Dictionary. … Terms of Use. Zulu English Dictionary. umZulu – isiNgisi. isikhazamazwi. Definition. INDEX. a – imabuli · imaginethi – isiSwati …

    Couldn’t resist seeing if one existed 🙂 And, it’s from Webster no less!

    * * * *
    Well, MT will be interested in this too. I sure couldn’t find it when I was looking last year, so it must be a very recent addition.
    Thanks so much for the link.

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