Hot today

but there’s supposed to be a cold front coming in tonight, so cooler tomorrow. That’s nice for me, as the past few days have been pretty hot. It’s amazing how your body can get used to the conditioned environment we office workers live in where they keep us at about 72F all year round, and then anything outside of that seems abnormal. I don’t have AC for the summer at home, but surely will be breaking down and getting it soon.

Took some photos of a couple of the girls’ hairdos at the lodge today. Nicole’s doesn’t do justice to the intricate weave of strands on the top of her head. Maybe I’ll get another chance. And Bonnie’s intrigued me, since I’d never seen one quite like it.

I’ll also try and get some of the pics I’ve been behind with posted tonight if the computer will co-operate.

Took a short trip to Manguzi today and picked up a few things like juice that we just don’t get here. It was nice to get out as usual – and as MT says, it’s amazing how exciting a grocery store can be when you’ve been stuck in the bundu (boonies) for a while.

Oscar says he was way out of cell range Monday, so he’s forgiven – and especially since he knew how much I missed fish and he got me a nice box of oak smoked haddock which we had for supper tonight. I’ve never had smoked haddock before, and let me tell you, it was YUMMY!!

Big day at school tomorrow. More ratio and proportion with the older kids. Tuesday’s number sequencing problems I gave the Gr 8 class made me realise that they had missed ever being informed about negative numbers (apparently) – so that took part of the class, and the problems I had meant to work through were slow going. I guess you always expect to accomplish more than you do when you first start this job.

Did I tell you that we conjugated the verb “to dance” – along with appropriate action – in one of my English classes at the end? It was a hoot!

Now I’ll try some pics again . . . .

Dung beetle taking home the manure ball in which she has laid eggs

Look at the horns on this camouflage expert!!


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  1. MT said

    Glad you’re OK. It was such a strange thing – to be reading about ‘witchcraft murders’ in S.A., and then to come across the word ‘Manguzi’! Found the story in IOL on-line, a S.A. paper that takes bits and pieces from most big-city newspapers, also in BBC On-line. Check it out. Go to the sidebar for South Africa, click and KZN will drop down. Story was on Sept.5, entitled ‘Witchcraft murders probed’. For BBC, go to Go to World, Africa section. Story is entitled ‘SA pupils burn ‘witches’ to death’. Just shows how powerful the belief in muthi is, and how people can get caught up in mob rule. Scary. Hope mentioning this is not upsetting you, your friends and family, but that’s the way things sometimes are in that part of the world.

    Eeew – math! That’s a tough one to teach if there are no basics on which to build. Good luck on that one. But it sounds like you are building good rapport with the kids, and that will count for a lot. Yes, the hairdos can be quite spectacular. Have you asked if certain styles denote marital status?

    I KNEW it would be Tembe! Haven’t visited it yet, but will one day. Will check out the website later today. Gotta go now and water the garden before it gets too stinking hot. Supposed to be 30C today with high humidity. The a/c will be running for sure.

    Take care. Sala gahle. MT

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