Well, it’s been a good day on a couple of counts.

One of my Grade 6 pupils – and older learner, about 17, actually smiled at me today, genuinely. He had done nothing but stare daggers at me so far, so I felt quite elated.

Then later this afternoon, I finally got a pictue of a red duiker. I have waited so long to get this – and you’ll have to wait too, since it’s on the video cam. I saw my big kudu again, but he faded away before I could get the camera focused – again. Oscar told me they’re called Grey Ghosts, and I can see why.

They culled about 30 kudu and impala night before last, so all the freezers will be full of sausage soon.

MT and Oscar both clued me in to the news story about the two women that were burned to death in town on the weekend. High school students had begun having crying spells (it’s just before matric exams) and some of them decided that these two women had bewitched the school – put bad ‘muthi’ on it. So some of the students and community members decided to solve their problem themselves. Strange to be living near a town with a modern supermarket and an internet cafe – and yet see witch burnings. Guess the 20th century has a ways to go in many places yet. And the 21st will get here eventually I suppose.

The site is being particularly stubborn about photos these days. If it doesn’t straighten out soon, I’m going to contact support. I’ll try a couple more and see what happens, but won’t hold my breath.

This is a marvel of weaving on the top

Bonisewa’s hair goes up, down and around - cute as anything.

They actually stand with their legs crossed and sometimes loop their trunk over a tusk to walk along.

Can’t take credit for this, in case you didn’t guess.  It’s George’s.

My friend and teacher, Derrick, on the lion monitoring truck.


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  1. RBC said

    Love Bonnie & Nicole’s hairdos! They are so intricate, I’m amazed.

    * * *
    Hi Rhonda:

    How are the elections shaping up? I have not read one word or Toronto or world news since I’ve been here. It’s as if I’m on another planet. When are the elections? Hope we get someone sensible in – there seems to be a distinct lack of sense in every level of government right now – and not only in Canada.

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