What a day . . .

Well, it’s sure been a busy one. I was awakened at 2 a.m. last night by an elephant not too far from my front door stomping around and ripping branches off a tree. I went out on the porch and recorded him for about 5 minutes – you can hear him snorting and breathing – and then I just sat on the porch and listened to him for 2 hrs. It was fascinating!! MT says that the sound of Africa to her is this bird that’s constantly around in the mornings. These elephant sounds are Africa to me. Don’t know if I can get a link set up for the audio, but I’ll try when I have more energy.

My alarm was set for 5:30 so I could go lion monitoring, so there wasn’t much sense in going back to bed at that point. Went lion monitoring and heard one in the reeds again – Mhlaba this time – so the reed cutters had another day with no work. That’s too bad. And it’s too bad that we didn’t see any either.

Went right on after that for the elephant monitoring. Saw lots of them this time. Two breeding herds at Ponwani Hide, three single males at the pan, and a couple more along the road. One crossed in front of us very close as did one at Tembu crossing. The one at the crossing looked like he couldn’t make up his mind whether to charge or not, so I was hoping that Bongani could drive very fast in reverse!! Got some good video of the elephants playing in the nud holes. Can’t wait to be able to post that.

Came home about 1 p.m., and was too tired to do anything, so slept the afternoon away. But I did get some good photos of crawlies and pretty flying things last night. Remembered to take my camera when I went to the biffy late at night.

One thing I keep forgetting to ask. I’ve found these wonderful nail files here made out of glass. Do we have them in Canada? I haven’t seen them, but then I don’t get out a whole lot at home. Let me know, and if we don’t, I’ll pick up a handful and bring them home.

Ready to go back to bed, so I’ll see how the photos do tonight, then call it a day.

Pretty moth

This guy was the transparent one - apparently can change colour

So many beautiful things

This is a new one

Baiting the leopard video station

Had one of these in my room - eeyew!!

Pretty thing

The kids here make all sorts of wonderful wire sculpture toys



  1. Lise said

    Hi Granny.. glad to see your message from Princess Davina.. heart warming.. and I’ll bet it made your day!

    Thanks for the post card… got it up at work!!!

    Take care..witchcraft,eh? hmmmm…


  2. Phyllis Campbell said

    HI MZ

    We got you post card at work. I put it up by the TL desk for all to see. He is on vacation. None for me so far but it is in my mind.

    Your Work Buddy


  3. MT said

    Whassup, grannym?

    The stories you’ll have to tell when you get home!! You lucky thing – having all that time with the elephant one-on-one. Bet you didn’t mind giving up a few hours of sleep to have that experience. They are magnificent, but really destructive things. Amazing how a thing so big can be hidden out of sight by just a few spindly thorn trees. Did you hear its stomach rumbling as it digested? Once saw an ellie push a big tree over with his forehead – just to get a few nibbles of the root system before moving on.

    *** Elephants are marvellous – and those here are apparently the biggest anywhere. One day at the pan saw an elephant wander off to do his business, then he walked over to a tree that was about a foot around, backed into it and started rubbing his butt on the tree. He kept backing up more and more to get a good hard rub, and the poor tree was leaning more and more until the tree was almost horiontal and he was sitting on it. It was hiarious. **

    Like the recent pics of the creepy-crawlies. That many-legged thing is a songololo (sp?) – a millipede. They are everywhere, esp. squashed on roads, and are relatively harmless. Have seen them here, being sold in pet stores for ….. get this! ……….. twenty bucks each!

    Haven’t checked out the Tembe sites yet. Hope to get to the animal-cam tomorrow. Enjoy the weekend! Sala gahle! MT
    ** The elecam hardly ever works. I found it up only maybe twice in a year. It’s a darn shame, and I’ve told them so. **

  4. Eli said

    Hey Maw,
    I know about what a day. Started a job, then they laid me off because of a miscommunication, so they rushed me back at 10am. Whatevuh…
    I’m pleased to hear you’re having such an adventure.
    Got your post card he other day, thanks.
    Quit teasin’ that you’ll stay :p You’d miss us too much, and you’ never be able to fly us all out there for Christmas :p

    Love ya,
    ** Glad the job thing got worked out eventually. Keep the faith. And yes, I would miss you all too much. Love ya, kiddo. **

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