Emotional overload

I went to the school this morning, and when I told them it would be my last teaching day. They put on a whole concert for me. Costumes, girls’ dance, boys’ dance, competition choir – the whole works!! Thank God I had my video camera with me!

The day started not too well, with this huge 6 inch long spider resident on the shower ceiling, so I had no shower, just a stand-up wash, with one wary eye kept on Mr Spider. He’s gone now, and I do hope he’s not back tomorrow.

I’m going to spend next week just doing wildlife things. I haven’t had very much time for that, what with teaching both morning and afternoon, so hoping I might get to see some rhino and hippos, neither of which I’ve seen yet.

The emotional overload from this morning’s concert has left me quite drained. Those kids are so great, and the teachers too. To try and educate children for today’s world with the few resources thay have is a daunting task.

I slept most of the afternoon, just up for a while now to grab a bite to eat, then back to bed.

Tomorrow I pick up the essays for the competition at the school after I get back from lion monitoring.

Then my last computer class with the girls. The sand in the hourglass seems to be running very fast right now.

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  1. Lise said

    what’s your itinerary once you leave the park and teaching?


    Hi Lise:

    Well, so far it looks like Durban, Grahamstown, Kenton-on-Sea, Cape Town, and a place I can’t find a close name for, way up in Venda territory in the NW part of the country. Not sure exactly how long I’ll get to stay in each place, but have to stay in Durban until the Sunday (Oct 1st?) so I can see the iscathemaya (sp?) contest at midnight on Saturday.
    How are your plans shaping up?

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