Enough, already!

Okay, I’ve heard enough about how lily-white I still am – not fair comparing me to Bongani. I did some gamma correction to the picture and to the cow picture, so you can see them a bit better. Should have done it before, but I didn’t know how.

Went to Manguzi today and bought 10 cases of cool drinks (pop) and about 200 cookies for less than $150.00 Cdn. Also bought some boerevers (sausage), buns, juice and cookies for the essay winners wildlife tour tomorrow. I was talking to Mandla about giving them lunch, and he said that the boerevers would be a real treat for them as most don’t get much meat in their life. the pop and cookies are for the music session at the school on Thursday.

I’ve been a bit weepy today. Every time I saw something like a group of Nyala, all I could think of was “I’ll never see these again” and the tears would start. They started often . . .

Still haven’t been able to connect with the guy who’s supposed to be taking me back to Durban. It’s getting on my nerves.

And this place has only one post card, and that’s at the lodge. In all of the towns I’ve visited, no one has post cards. So sonce I didn’t want to send the same one to everyone, you’ll have to wait until I get to Durban – sorry. Granny really is thinking about you kids and so wishing that you could see and experience all of this with me. I do hope that all of you will take the time to travel before you settle down and see some of this wonderful world!

Oh, and I keep forgetting to comment that one of the options on this blog is that I can see what searches people put in to get to the site, if they were directed here by a search engine.  Do you have any idea how many people are looking for ‘granny porn’?? Oh, YUCK!!

And on a nicer note, how much I’m going to miss the sounds here.  The birds start about 5:30, just a couple types and as more varieties join in, the earlier risers drop out.  Its like listening to one of those olde English – are they madrigals? – where the parts are all different and come in at odd times.  the same thing happens at night, starting again at about 4:30, but the birds nod off soon and the frogs, crickets and cicadas start.  It’s never quiet here, but the ‘noise’ is much preferable to sirens and street cars!

Nice library, but I haven’t been in, so don’t know their stock

Tom and Siboniswa

Do you think the upper floor would hold me?

This vista’s just for you Gordon.  Hope your chin is up . . .



  1. Kayleigh said

    Granny porn! LOL!
    Is it not good to know that you can still appeal to a large market?

    *** The question is, does that market appeal to me?? Somehow I think there might be a personality clash!!

  2. Teana said

    The round block walls for the home there remind me of the barn silos used here for grain storage. The older barns here had glazed blocks. New barns now have steel silos. Kind of ruins the romance of days gone by.I am unable to access the link you gave me. will keep trying. I find most of the pictures just amazing . Good luck with your travels. Hugs AWOY TEana

    ** Yeah, I think that kind of block work is a lost art in NA. If clicking on the link didn’t work, try copy and paste. With the link, make sure when you copy it to your browser that you’re not copying anything else, like < or : or even . to it. That’s the most common reason that links won’t open.

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