I am *so* tired

You know what? I can’t sleep when the power goes out. I’m so nervous that some wiggly thing will land on me and I won’t be able to turn the light on and see what it is, that I just lie awake all night until the sun comes up. That was last night, and it wasn’t the first time.

So I’m some beat today, but had a good day anyway. Went to the hide and just sat there for about three hours. Got some fantastic video. About 11 young bulls wandered down to the waterhole over that time, and there were as many as 7 there at one time. Zebras, waterbuck, nyala, impala, herons, ducks, peace and quiet. And one really big spider that builds a rectangular lair at the top of his very unusual web and sits there waiting for insects. I mean, this lair had square corners!! I was totally amazed.

Jim the electrician that’s going to take me to Durban came today and we’ll be going down on the 24th – Monday. So I only have a few more days here, and will try to see as much as I can.

So much I’m going to miss when I leave . . .

Elephant, waterbuck and nyala

A busy spot

Notice the little guy rolling around in the water.  They wait to bathe until everyone has had a drink!

Better picture of the “government chickens”



  1. MT said

    Howzit, grannym?

    Great to hear about the day in the hide. Pics are fantastic, esp. when ‘magnified’ on the computer – can distinctly see the ring on the waterbuck’s rear-end. Those Beatle guineafowl are quite different from the common ones – not just the funny top-knots – even the speckles are more uniform. And why are you thinking this will be the last time you see all the creatures? OF COURSE you’ll make a return trip to S.A.! (I am saving for my next one as we speak. But like you, I do like electricity to be available at all times in the night. Had FOUR flashlights in the tent in Zambia!)

    How did the eco-contest turn out? Did the evaluating go more smoothly than you expected? Wasn’t today the tour? Hope you are going with the kids. Probably no one else has ever treated them to such a day out – or ever will. They will remember this forever, as will you.

    Think I have stood at the very spot at Josini Dam that you and your chicken-loving friend did. Must dig out the photos and check. Nice to see the person at the other end of all these e-mail entries. Knew you would have short hair – a must if a person is taking bucket showers for a month or two in the bundu. Have the kids given you a Zulu name? You must find out before you leave. They may be a bit embarrassed to tell you as it will be something that really suits a person – sometimes not all that flattering – but right on – i.e, “She Who Perspires Profusely in the Heat”.

    The beadwork you bought is beautiful – each colour and pattern has a message – and it is good you know the maker and that your money is going to a local, not to a middleman at a craft stall. You will be able to wear some of it when you give talks about your experiences in the bush. I think Granny M might be going to Show-And-Tell a few times this year. If you are mailing it home, I suggest using PostNet, not the public service. This is rather like a UPS or Mailboxes, Etc. kind of place, found in many malls and centres in the bigger towns. Their success rate is higher than the regular p.o. Re postcards, you’ll find a good selection in CNA stores (like our Chapters). They also have nice picture books and pamphlets about S.A. to bring home.

    The cicadas are going flat out here at the moment. It’s been an absolutely glorious day in S. Ontario, and more are on the way. Glad you got your ride to Durban organized. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on city life there. Enjoy your last few days in the bush (for now). Sala gahle! MT

  2. Teana said

    Breath taking photos. The Guinea Foul are even more beatiful than the ones we have here. They are noisy critters though. Peacocks too. Best alarms going.
    Loved the bead work. Really like to know the stories and meanings in the beadwork.
    Glad your ride has arrived. Wiggly things in the dark.HMMMMMM Not sure I would want to know. Bad enough when the bat was buzzing my face couple of weeks ago.
    Enjoy the rest of your stay there. Glad you like to share. It is still the highlight of my day. Hugs Teana

  3. Kayleigh said

    The pics are amazing… what gorgeous colour!
    A Zulu name! I never thought of that but of course they have one for you… I can’t wait to know what it is!
    I’m sorry you’ll miss it so much but to not miss it would mean you hadn’t bonded with the people and felt the awesome power of the place and if that were true then what a waste!(I know you already know that 🙂 )
    I’m certain you’ll return… it seems to be the home of your heart

    *** It sure would be nice to come back, but money and my ability to sapend 12 hours X 2 in sardine class on the plane will surely prevent that.
    I’m just a suck, ya know?
    But as Uncle Brian says, it’s always the people you meet rather than the things you see that make a place *really* memorable – and he’s right about that. The things I’ve seem have been truly awesome, but the people I’ve met have been what I’ll really remember.

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