Aw-w-w-w nuts

Things have just generally gone really African on me today, so unlikely any good stories until next time I get to a computer.

It is blinking hot here and can’t get done what I need to because of various other glitches.




  1. Teana said

    Hang in there girl. All things come to she who waits…waits…waits and waits.
    Stay cool. Hugs T

  2. MT said

    Sawubona, grannym!

    Sorry about the glitches on your last day in the bundu – hey, that’s Africa! Hope the happy memories of the place outweigh the mundane. Trust your ride to Durban goes smoothly. Think of me when you pass the Maphelane turn-off near Kwambonambi – my family’s traditional fishing holiday spot. Just checked your weather forecast. Looks like cooler temps with a bit of rain. Maybe you are leaving those sand roads just in time. Also looked at the Spa website – nice! Know that area of The Berea well – on the way to U.

    Looking forward to The Durban Report (sure you will find a computer there). Till then, hamba gahle! Best regards, MT

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