Home again

Well, I’m at my new place, and it seems wonderful!  The spa time was definitely a mixed experience, and I’m not too happy about it at all.

The spa time itself was fine.  Irene, the woman who did my wrap and massage, really knew her job and did it well, so I was happy with that.  The room I had was really not  up to scratch, with so much air freshener and various perfumey stuff that you just choked when you walked in.  I spent most of the first night on the bench in the courtyard.  The sink was the size you generally see in a train, so no chance of washing out any clothes, unless you wanted to do it one sock at a time.

The worst part was that though I had sent them the list of food and product allergies (as required by law, both here and in Canada) no one seemed to take any notice of it.  The soup I had for lunch the first day was delicious, but obviously contained something with capsaicin, and I spent a lot of time in the “library” because of it.  This after being asked what I wanted for lunch, and we settled on the SA standard, cheese and tomato sandwiches.  I told them how it affected me, and despite the seeming contrition and the promise to look at my lists, what did I get for lunch again yesterday?? THE SAME SOUP!!

The mattress had to be 25 years old and was worse to sleep on than the camp beds at the park.  It was cold, and I froze my bum off.  I know that SA law says they can turn the heaters off at the end of July, but considering the temperature and the rain, coupled with the price I was paying for the room – more expensive by far than any other room on my whole trip – they could have upped a heater!

The blanket (and the room’s floor) were full of twigs and bits from trees and so on.  I was given a room with a nice private courtyard – I thought.  I turned out to be the kitchen courtyard too, and at 6 a.m. it started.  Staff coming to work and unlocking gates with a clang.  Kitchen cleaning, courtyard cleaning, someone sawing (!!) something.  No way to get a lick of sleep – especially as I had my door open to let out the perfume as much as possible.  I was really glad to get out of there.

The place I am now seems much nicer.  The room is big and clean.  The house, like so many here in Durban, is built up a hill, so has many levels.

It rained again, so I didn’t go out for fish as I had wanted, but ordered in pizza.  Whole different system for that here, and it has caused some commotion.  Never mind I have trouble understanding the SA  accent on the phone – or even in person sometimes.

Anyway, I’m taking up the office here, so will keep this short.  Am trying to figure out how to download pics here, but not having any luck so far.

Keep well, y’all.


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  1. Sandra said

    Keep it all in perspective! You are not in New York City afterall.

    It’s in perspective. Durban is a huge city, mostly ‘first world’, and I have seen the city on my way up as well as now on my way down and know what to expect. The folks who run the B&Bs for the most part are fairly wealthy folks with huge homes and rafts of servants and they want something to do or a bit of extra income for their retirement. This area of Durban is quite comparable to Forest Hill at home. And all the amenities are available. The woman at the last B&B, as nice as she was, and she was really nice, just couldn’t seem to keep her mind on the business for longer than 3 seconds at a time – not long enough to get anything done properly.

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