Thanks for the memories . . .

and the birthday wishes.

Celebrated my birthday with a take-away dinner and a small bottle of wine which was quite nice.  Then I watched the SA version of that star-contest (boy I forget everything about TV) program – and a movie called High School Musical, I think, which Kate would really like, I think.  I love musicals, so it’s all good.

More later on the day yesterday, if I get a chance.


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  1. MT said

    Howzit, grannym?

    A belated birthday wish from one September birthday to another. Hope your family throws you the party when you get back. A take-out dinner and a dinky bottle of wine does not sound like an appropriate celebration for such an occasion, even if you are alone on the other side of the world. When I lived in Durban North for a year and was homesick, I’d go to HyperMarket-by-the-Sea (very new at that time – early 80s – one of the first big stores in the area) and wander around with my trolley, pretending I was shopping back in Canada. The best part of that place was the ‘bottle store’ section where one could get those dinky bottles of good S. A. wine for next-to-nothing. It was an inexpensive way to sample maaaaaaaaaaany kinds of wine.

    Glad your B&B is an improvement over the spa, and that you are finding Florida Road convenient. Loved bombing up and down the hills there on the ‘wrong’ side of the road and in bottom gear, riding the clutch to keep from sliding back down when stopped at the robots (sure you’ve heard that word by now). Is there still a floral display on the embankment across from Mitchell Park at the top of Florida Road where it meets Musgrave? The Parks Dept. always had something spelled out in plant material there – kind of like the floral clock at Niagara Falls.

    ** All I remember seeing is the birds. I think I would have noticed if there had been something spelled out. Read on and weep . . . ***

    Looking forward to hearing about your day at the museums/art galleries. Hope the weather has cleared up for your explorations. The days are perfect here at the moment – bright sunshine all day, cool in the evenings – fantastic autumn weather.

    All the best, grannym! Stay safe and enjoy your last few days in Durbs! MT

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