A little piece of heaven

The place I’m staying now is so beautiful. This part of the country is so peaceful and quiet compared to the big city, and it’s very foot-hilly, not like the savannah and sand forest of the park and area where I was.

I’ve spent all day at ILAM (International Library of African Music) and it’s the most amazing place!! Gonna spend all day tomorrow there too. I’m working my way through sampling – and sometimes getting lost in – all of Hugh Tracy’s collections that have been digitized.

Only problem is, it’s winter again here, and I’m really unprepared, clothes wise, so freezing my butt off. The weather is totally unpredictable, and doesn’t even wait for a 24 hour cycle to go from freezing to frying. Not sure how people keep up with this, but I guess if you live here and have all your layers in your closet, it wouldn’t be too bad.

Sad news about Rhodes U here. It’s just gained the world’s notice as being the Uni with the top consumption of alcohol per student capita (can I say that?) in the world. Residents here say that it’s pretty bad, and they hope that more will be done to educate the young folks about how much harm they can do themselves and others.

I’m still pretty lost in the music I heard today. Can’t think about too much else. Actually, I do remember the donkey I saw walking past the police station yesterday, and wondered if he was on his way to work, or on his way home <G> Only animal I’ve seen in town here, except for the usual cats and dogs.

My cabin actually sleeps 6 people and I have it all to myself still for tonight, then have to move to another room as a family is coming in to take it over. *sigh* It was really great.

My cabin

View from my cabin

My favourite tree so far.  BTW, I truly dislike jacarandas - the colour makes me cross-eyed

sorry, guys.  I gotta go and get warm in my cabin.  It’s truly freezing here.


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  1. Eli Jakeman said

    Make sure ou make it out of the ILAM. Knowing you, you’d be in there for a month listening to all kinds of new stuff.
    Miss ya, love ya

    **Hey, I’m here too. This just popped up.
    And I miss you guys too. Wish your Dad Happy Thanksgiving for me, OK? I may forget in the rush here.
    Love you a lot, ~maw **

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