On the road again

Tomorrow, that’s where I’ll be.

Just got out of ILAM, and am absolutely cross-eared – if that makes any sense at all. But you know what I mean. Also got video of the Kalimba group practising for tomorrow night’s performance. Wish I could be here to see it, but have to move on.

I’ll hit the highway tomorrow and plan to see Smith River, Plett and Kynsna by Monday, and will turn the car in at Knysna and then take the bus to Cape Town. I may not get to a computer until Cape town, but you all are going to be so busy fixing turkey, then so lazy from eating it that you’ll probably not visit until then anyway, eh?? Happy Thanksgiving to you all anyway.

There is a monkey park, a bird park, a sanctuary for orphaned elephants and a possibility of a whale/dolphin cruise on the list of “Things To Do” for this leg of the journey. There is a canopy tour available apparently, where you tour the forest by sliding along cables up in the tree-tops, but I’m not sure I’m up for that. We’ll see . . . Meanwhile . . .

In the orchid house

Resident of lily pond

In the orchid house - the first one wasn’t - my mistake

King of the evening skyline

Interesting looking guy

ILAM instruments

Hard to see, since it was dark and my camera couldn’t focus, but this little frog was about the size of my thumbnail

More instruments.  Ruth and Lise, you’d love it here

and I hope the kids all save their postcards, so I can figure out the names of these birds again.

See you all soon.


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  1. MT said

    Happy Thanksgiving, grannym!

    Hope you are not missing your family too much. It is a most unusual Thanksgiving weekend here – weather is soooooo hot – it’s 30C in Windsor, with a humidex of 37. Have the a/c going as have had the oven on, baking desserts for tomorrow. Luckily I do not have to do the turkey, etc. – sister’s thrill this year. This morning I watered the garden well as we have had so little rain, and the perennials are in need of the moisture if they are to make it through the winter (if it ever comes).

    Wondering where you are at the moment. Told my 86-year-old mother about your blog and plans for the next few days, and she immediately whipped out two beautifully carved wooden vases she remembers buying in Knysna on a trip in ’84 to see her sister. Hope you are having happy memories like hers.

    Have you crossed the Paul Sauers Bridge yet? It’s worth it to park at the tearoom (where there are signs asking people NOT to feed the baboons, yet everyone does) at the western end of it, then walk out to the middle of the bridge and look down – if you don’t fear heights. The drive down to the coast at the Tsitsikamma park is beautiful as well – coastline fantastic – lots of dassies on the rocks. Plettenberg Bay is gorgeous – stayed at the big hotel on the beach – was called The Beacon Isle then – pub is hanging out over the rocks – very picturesque. Hope the weather is being kind to you as you visit these photogenic places.

    Am watching the Toronto Waterfront Marathon – awfully hot to run the streets of T.O. for 26 miles – and the Ethiopians and Kenyans are out in front. Those lean African guys sure can run. Rather them than me.

    Back to the grind in the kitchen. Have a great S.A. Thanksgiving! MT

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