Good morning, sunshine . . .

It is a GLORIOUS day today.  I’m in Cape Town, in a hotel right across from the ocean, and the sun is beaming down.  It’s really welcome and so energizing.  Unfortunately, my hotel room doesn’t look out on the ocean, but onto another building next door, but if I really crane my head when I’m on my balcony, I can see the ocean between the buildings, and after the traffic dies down at night I can hear it.  It really roars around here.

I’m trying to book some tours, as Cape Town is too large and spread out to find my way around in the time I have, and most things are way outside the city with no public transport.  I don’t want to drive in town as it’s just too confusing and too easy to get really lost in a strange city.

I’ve got a winelands tour booked for this afternoon, and the city tour and the whale tour are both full today and tomorrow, so might not see too much while I’m here – but I’ll try.

Another spectacular trip through more mountains yesterday, though it was raining again, so the views were more gloomy than I’d have liked.

The bus station arrival was the usual chaos – Lise you’ll know about that.  You literally get swarmed by taxi drivers, people wanting to carry your luggage, vendors, beggars – all those and more – and it can be really intimidating if you’re not prepared to deal with it.  I just chase everyone away – and you really have to be firm – and then when it has settled down I’ll approach someone who looks reliable – usually a taxi driver –  and ask for hotel recommendations if I don’t have one booked, or whatever else I need.

This is really the first time I didn’t have something booked, though the booking did fall through in Grahamstown.  It’s so damp and/or humid in most parts of SA that it seems that it’s really hard for hotels and such to keep the musty smells away, so I’m having to put up with that a lot.  You can tell that they try hard, and the places are very clean, just a very difficult task here.

Anyway, got to go look at my flight options for Polokwane.  I’m pretty excited about getting up there and seeing that territory, so more later.  Would be lovely if this place was open evenings – I’ll have to check.


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  1. Eli Jakeman said

    It’s the 11th today.
    Just wated to say hi, and see you in 10 days. You need me to pick you up?
    Loves ya 😉

    ** Thanks, sweetie, but driving and parking around the airport is such a hassle, I think I’ll just take a cab.
    See you soon . . .
    Loves ya back,

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