Just a quick note . . .

Well, I packed up this morning and stored my luggage, and went on the “Hop-on, hop-off” bus.  What a gem.  I’m going to try it in Toronto too, when I get back.  If they are half as good as the guides here, I’ll learn all sorts of interesting things about the city that I didn’t know before.

One place I went was the Gold Museum.  Holy Cow!!!!  Let me tell you that 10 pound rings and huge necklace pendants for men didn’t start with the hip-hop/street culture.  I didn’t realise that these things went back a couple hundred years, mostly from the Akan tribe in Ghana.  They’re pretty amazing looking – got some pics, but don’t know if they’ll show the detail.  Unfortunately, ugly then and ugly now.

The earrings were a hoot though – from further north, I forget the tribe, but looked Somali or from similar area.  Earrings so big that you had to wear a rope across the top of your head to support them.

Went to the aquarium and Table Mountain too, but the cable car was closed due to the wind.  Just about ripped my hair off, so I know what they mean now when they talk about the wind up there.

Took the bus back through the ritzy part of town where the “stars” live – amazing stuff.  Private house with titanium and carbon fibre funiculars to get up all the levels where they’re built on the mountainside.  Some of those houses are selling for 80 million Rand – *way* out of my price range!!  Camp’s Bay and Hout’s Bay I think were the names of the burbs there.

Taking the plane to Jozie tonight, and will probably be driving from there to the next stop, as no flights with an empty seat to Pietersburg (Polokwane) this weekend.

I am so in love with Cape Town, I can’t tell you.  But I think it’s their best month.  Can apparently get to 45C here in the summer, and winds and storms so bad in the winter that trees grow horizontally.  Used to be called the Cape of Storms.

I don’t want to leave here right now, but no choice.

And now, gotta go get something to eat, or else I’ll starve until tomorrow morning.

Someday I’ll have to address the poverty thing too.  I’ve seen so much, and done so much thinking about how little seems to have been done in the time since “The New South Africa” arose.  Mandela did make a good start, but Mbeki seems to be an outright crook, and trying to turn into a supreme dictator.  He’s trying to change the constitution of the country so he can be president again, instead of stepping down after his two terms like everyone else.

More later – I could go on about things at some length, but no time . . .



  1. MT said

    Hey, grannym!

    Glad the weather changed for CapeTown and that you got to enjoy some of the sights. You’ll just have to go back some other day to catch the rest. I really want to go to Kirschtenbosch (sp.) Bot. Gardens – mecca for all gardeners – the next time I’m there. Have always said I could live in CT (thought the men there most handsome!). It was always much more liberal, even in the old days of the previous gov’t – a beautiful place, surrounded by a lot of other beautiful places – but very far from home and family.

    Polokwane is going to be a far cry from CT. How is your Afrikaans?? You are going to need it up there. You’ll be farther north than you were in Tembe, so you’ll be hotter, too, I think, although I think you will be at a higher elevation. Maybe you’ll see some baobab trees. There were lots in Botswana and Zambia – was just fascinated with their strange shapes – rather like dancing ladies.

    The weather has turned here – right now it’s 8C – and I am heading outside to bring in large comtainers of plants and to start the garden tidy-up. A mean wind is blowing – am not looking forward to the chill. Soooo ….. enjoy the heat while you can, because it will be makhaza when you get home!

    Drive safely on those roads! Hamba gahle! MT

  2. Lise said

    hey granny… can’t believe it’s time for you to come back…. but it will be great to see you… what an extraordinary adventure!!


    ***Thanks – will have lots more stories after a few decent nights’ sleep

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