Finishing the trip

After I finally got on the right track in Polokwane and out to the highway, I had to pull over again since I didn’t know how to turn on the high beams for the headlights and knew I would need them once I got out of the urban area, and especially after I got onto the small roads to the lodge.

Several careful readings of the manual didn’t give me any enlightenment, nor did fiddling with all the knobs and dials, so I ended up driving over 100km home on low beams, only able to see 25 feet in front of me in the dark, on strange winding roads.  Let’s just say I was really late for dinner.  I was so exhausted that I didn’t care though.

I drove down to Jozie yesterday and am staying in the airport hotel.  Decided that the cost was worth it since staying at a B&B would involve very large taxi fares back and forth which would easily make up the difference.

Had a couple problems with the car.  The tank was down by a quarter when I took it out, and soon manifested a softening tire which I eventually had to take in and get fixed as it was losing air faster and faster.  I kept the receipts from the gas up, showing that I’d put in R200+ after only 65K of driving, and the receipt from the tire being fixed, and the rental company was very good about it.

The hotel had the TVs on in all the lounges, restaurants hallways and so on for the game last night, but I went to bed and still don’t know who won, though I think SA was ahead when I finished dinner.

I have learned to speak, or at least understand a bit of S African while I’m here though, so that’s nice.  When I got directions to the highway from a young chap at the tea garden, he told me “You go straight, en straight, en straight, en just now you’ll see a board that says . .  .” and I understood perfectly.

I’ve got a long day sitting around here waiting for my 7 p.m. flight, so I hope I can find a book store.  I’d stay on-line and write some more stuff, but internet at the hotels is really expensive.

I’ll be able to catch you up and finish loading pictures soon after I get home, but maybe a couple days lapse for the time lag, a good soak in the bathtub and getting acquainted with my own bed again.



  1. Clare said

    Very informative, Marilyn!
    Are you going to blog about where you are going next?
    Email me if you need help with your xo laptop, ok?

    • grannym said

      Thanks so much Clare. I’m looking to see what catches my eye next, but I did fall in love with SA, and am even thinking of retiring there.

      I WILL undoubtedly e-mail you

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