No explanation needed – culling giraffe

What really gets to me is how these guys can grin like this when they’ve just killed a beautiful living creature.

Sleeping beauty



Looks like fun, eh?

You wouldn’t believe how thick the skin is





No respect at all

Skinning is hard work, but these guys are experts

The meat is butchered and ready to go

Some of the meat is used to bait the leopard cam for the researchers use


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  1. MT said

    Sawubona, grannym!

    Just checked your blog and found the giraffe pics. A bit gory, but that’s life (and death) in the bush. Sad such a beautiful creature has to meet such an undignified end, though.

    *** It was very sad. It’s too bad that birth control for animals wasn’t easier so that culling was unnecessary.

    Welcome back to The Great White North! You got out of JHB not a minute too soon – hear there were thousands at the airport to meet the conquering rugby heroes on Tuesday. Have you recovered from that awful flight yet, or are you still waking up at strange hours? Bet your family was glad to see you in one piece after such an absence and so many experiences.

    *** It’s getting better. I went to sleep early most nights and have gradually been able to sleep through and wake up at a somewhat normal hour. Work on Monday, so I’ve got to get things lined up properly. It’s coming . . .
    And the airport was a problem enough without the football crowds!!
    Will check your site occasionally for more pics of your adventures. All the best for a happy return to work. MT
    *** Thanks MT. Hope you’ll keep in touch and let me know when your trip is coming up so we can share more adventures.

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