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August 31, 2011 – Start of second trip

Well, I’m sitting here all dressed and packed, ready to go, wondering what it is I’ve forgotten.

As far as travelling goes, this is the hardest part for me – waiting to start.  I’ve still got an hour-and-a-half until the cab comes, and I’m hoping I remember all the last minute things – clearing out the fridge, putting out garbage, getting the last minute things that I had to use this morning packed back into the suitcases.

I did one dumb thing though already.  Packed all my underwear and had to go rooting through the suitcases to find some to wear on the trip.

Now I’ll go and try to make up a Gmail distribution list for all those I think might like to get this blog and so – hear from you soon, I hope, and see you in November.

Hugs . . . .


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