Airport Luck

Well, I did it already!  Forgot that my new notebook was Win 7 and it won’t use my U3 thumb drive, so I have none of my passwords that I need to do my blog.
y think that the earlier
I’ll have to see what I can do about that.

The traffic was light, and the check-in was a breeze – hardly any security stuff.  I really think that the earlier you get there, the less they bug you.  I think the reasoning is that those who are going to cause trouble try to arrive in a crowd to hope that then there won’t be time to thoroughly check them all.  Same with drunks – they just tend to drink until the last minute.

Anyway, I’ll get on to see what I can do about those passwords, and then take a long walk as it’s the last stretching I’ll get for a LONG time.



  1. Lise said

    I’m jealous already! Not about technology, of course..! The animals sound wonderful… Keep on keepin’ on!

    • grannym said

      Thanks, Lise. I really enjoy it.

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