The curses of technology – and lots of animals.

Well, I’m not sure what else can go wrong with technology here.  I still can’t get my notebook connected and my camera won’t be recognized by this computer.  I was writing updates every day and saving them on my notebook, and I copied them to my thumb drive to enter here and for some reason they saved as *.doc.x which I have never heard of before so I can’t get them on here either.

So far, so good as for the rest of the trip.

Backpacker kitchen and showers

Backpacker kitchen and showers

Mariepskop Backpackers

Mariepskop Backpackers

The Mariepskop backpackers that I stayed at was nice and clean and I had a chalet all to myself – well me and the gecko I squashed in the door frame because I didn’t know he was there.  There was a really nice couple there from Zim – he was a headmaster and she was a teacher, so we had lots to chat about.  They were here to visit his brother and so he came to the backpackers as apparently he’s a real bushman and his place is unsuitable for guests.  He says he has bush babies that come to his kitchen window to be fed and if he rescues a baby bird, he cages it so his dogs can’t get it and sets it on the windowsill and the parents come there and feed it.  I may go out to visit to see this menagerie. The backpackers also warned me that there are breeding mambas on the property so I didn’t go walking too far.  They had 5 dogs and a cat – one Ridgeback with no ridge, 2 Jack Russells, one ? and one cross between the one I can’t remember and a Russell.  Everybody here has numerous dogs.

There are four here (Daktari) that wander the property, and that’s before you count the warthogs that try to eat your shoes, the blind donkey, the squirrels, horses and hornbills that come to be fed – and Spikey the African porcupine who visits at night for food and likes to be scratched under his chin.  And those are just the “loose” animals, not those we will be taking care of.  I can’t wait to get some photos up of Princess the marmoset and the meerkats and all the rest.  This is gonna be fun.  And the way they feed you here, I have fears that I’m not going to be able to lose the 10 lbs a month that I count on when I travel.

I’d better let someone else use this, so more soon.

Princess Maya, the marmoset

Princess Maya, the marmoset

Resident leopard - NOT tame

Resident leopard - NOT tame

Piggies that love me

Piggies that love me

Eeyore the blind donkey

Eeyore the blind donkey



  1. tembe2 said

    Sounds like a wonderful trip. I’m going to enjoy reading your updates! regards the .docx when you save your work on your laptop there is an option to save so it is compatible with the older versions of word. Then when it goes on your thumb drive it is saved as an old format .doc

    • grannym said

      Thanks – I’ll try that.

    • grannym said

      Oh, and later on I’ll be going to Tembe park too, and spending a few days in that are with the Tembe people.

  2. Rhonda said

    Marilyn, Word 2007+ started using .docx which is incompatible downwards. Try opening with text editor – not sure if it’s Notepad or one other that’s on PC.
    Look forward to reading your posts while I work away at the elections.

  3. Jocey said

    I hope you can get the technology to cooperate so we can all vicariously share in your travel adventures. Be safe. Enjoy!

    • grannym said

      Thanks Jocey. I think I’ll enjoy.

  4. Teana Simpson said

    Hello Marilynn, thanks for giving me your link I love reading your blogs.
    I actually have no idea where you are, but my, I wish I was there.
    Really looking forward to the pictures.
    Wishing you great health , amazing adventure and no spiders in the toilet paper rollers ect. Hgs Teana

    • grannym said

      Ha, at least no spiders in the toilet rolls YET!
      I’m in south Africa again, up near Hoedspruit. You can check it out on google maps

  5. Maria said

    I am still laughing about all those loose critters…I am going to start calling you Ellie Mae Clampett…yes, to add about .docx it’s just the new msword format…no biggee! I love to travel vicariously so keep the posts a-comin’! Be safe…watch that blind donkey- he will STILL kick you in the ass if you aren’t lookin’! 😉 Abrazos…

  6. MT said

    Hi, MZ! Sent e-mail to your own e-address.
    Do you know the local word for ‘snake’??? It was one of the first I learned in KZN looooong ago. Mind the mambas and hamba kahle!!

  7. grannym said

    I don’t know – they speak Sepedi up here – otherwise known as Northern Sotho

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