Working hard

Well, my usual day here starts at 6 a.m., when it’s still cold and dark.  I get up and shower – outdoors in the cold – and get inside to get dressed and go down to start chores.  Since Monday I  have two  students to help me with my chores.  I’m in charge of ‘animal kitchen’ which means that I spend a couple of hours before breakfast chopping and mixing bowls of food for all the animals here, both in cages and wandering free.



My bathroom

My bathroom

Some have come in from the wild and been fed and become quite tame – that would cover the two warthogs, the nyala, the three african porcupines one of which is tame enough to scratch.  I’m just champing at the bit to get some photos and video on here – the porcupines are so different, and so amazing looking.  There are two leopards – one wild and loose outside the fence, but which sometimes comes into the camp, and one in the camp in an enclosure.  there are several kinds of cats, gents and caracals, both incredibly beautiful.  I had the job, during the teaching time yesterday of ‘enrichin’g the caracals, so I rigged up a rope ‘zip line’ kind of thing and hung their dead chickens from that and raised and lowered them on another rope so they had to ‘chase’ them and leap around to catch their dinner.


Piggies hogging the dogs' bed

Piggies hogging the dogs' bed

Well, I’ve been on here since about 7 p.m. and it’s after 9 and they want to close the office, so I have to go.  More soon.

Sad dog - with no bed

Sad dog - with no bed



  1. Teana Simpson said

    waiting patiently for pictures. Hmm sounds so interesting and a bit chilly .

  2. MT said

    Ooooooo, porcupines! Love how they make that Susie Wong curtain noise as they waddle through camp. Have a few quills here picked up outside Kruger, also Hluhluwe. Lucky you to be feeding caracals. Not many people know what one is, let alone can brag about feeding one! It all sounds too wonderful. Hope it continues that way. Stay safe. MT

  3. grannym said

    Thanks, MT – it’s pretty amazing altogether.

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