Yahoo! I’m on-line

We went to town today to pick up 4 new volunteers,  one from the US and 3 from France.  Michele is not here so my French is going to get a real work out.  My very minimal and years-old very basic French.

I know there are some animals that I haven’t told you about yet, but I can’t remember which they might be.  There are two pied crows called Elvis and Presley, three lovely owls, the ostrich pair, Mr and Mrs Strauss, and horses which change out every week or two that come from a horse safari place down the road and they’re here to have a rest.

Relaxing in the shade

Relaxing in the shade

Daktari caracals on top of their "cave"

Daktari caracals on top of their "cave"

The bullfrogs have been making a real racket lately.  Wow, are they ever loud!

Spikey the porcupine came back last night and I got some good video – night shots so no colour, but I’ll try for colour in some stills.  I tried to hand feed her and just about lost my fingers.  She snaps like a turtle when she smells something she likes.  She’s a beautiful creature though and the sound she makes when he walks, is indeed, as my friend MT described it in a comment – like Suzy Wong’s bead curtain.

The most dangerous animal around here is the honey badger.  They ripped open the kitchen a few days ago and even ripped open the freezers.  They’re more like a lynx than anything else I can think of.  Badger makes them sound so innocuous, but they are far from that.  Nocturnal and apparently really vicious.

Spikey and her food - DO NOT TOUCH!

Spikey and her food - DO NOT TOUCH!

If I have some free time tomorrow I’ll try to get some photos downloaded from the camera and onto this blog.

Supper is calling . . .



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