I don’t think I posted this . . .

Hoedspruit – Day 1 (I think it’s Friday here)

Well, I got picked up at the airport by Roger and his wife.   Both really nice folks and they own the backpackers’  camp where I’m staying tonight.  They have 5 dogs – one a Rhodesian Ridgeback – and one cat.   I was just told that there are breeding mambas on the property, which hasn’t really made my day.  There are birds and horses here too which is nice.

Mariepskop Backpackers Kitchen and showers

Mariepskop Backpackers Kitchen and showers

Mariepskop Backpackers chalets

Mariepskop Backpackers chalets

It was really cool in Jozie this morning, but when we got here it must have been about 30, and I saw a lot of wildfires burning as we were flying over.  I had asked it they were controlled burns, but apparently not as they do that at a different time of year when it’s not so windy and dry.

I have not phone or internet.  Tried to charge my “African” phone last night, but the battery is kaput. Tried to buy a battery and SIM card and a dongle for my notebook today but the fellow in the shop that sells them was away praying and no one knew how long he’d be and my hosts couldn’t wait.  So no communication for a while.

Some folks here from Zim have invited me to have supper with them.  Really interesting people – he’s a headmaster and she’s a teacher, so we have lots to talk about.

I’ll try to get some photos before I post this.

Day 2

Last night was very strange.  The wind was blowing cold from one direction and warm from the other.  I could stand and have a different temperature on each side of me.  Too strange.  Also I squashed a little gecko who got into my door jamb and I didn’t see him and closed the door.  Very sad.

I’m at Daktari now and have taken photos of some of the animals, but my dongle doesn’t seem to be working so I’ll have to copy these posts onto my thumb drive and post them using the office computer, so no pictures for now.  Lots of fascinating animals here, including a leopard and some meerkats.

Supper is calling, so I will end for now, but please do take a subscription to the blog so you will know when I get a chance to post and we can pass some messages.


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  1. Rhonda said

    So, what was for supper?

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