Wimping out

Daktari classroom

Daktari classroom


Baboon on the rocks

Baboon on the rocks

It’s been really hot here the past couple of days – up over 90F and we work from 7 a.m. onwards, so I’m feeling a mite tuckered right now.

Charging the solar lanterns

Charging the solar lanterns

Darn piggies attacked me this morning, so they’ll have to go get their tusks trimmed again.  Chased me right into my room  and tried to batter the door down.  Guess the heat is getting them too, or else I smelled like food.  AND they ran off for a while with a completely wild piggie family, but you can bet they came back at supper time, though all here were hoping they’d found a new home and family.

I’ve been making more inroads with the enrichment program, and want to begin work with the crows tomorrow as one of them is starting to pluck.

Different kind of tree trunk

Different kind of tree trunk

More later – my own computer won’t connect again, so on the office machine and that costs $$ .

this is getting ridiculous . . .



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  1. Lise said

    that’s so funny… the piggies..

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