Pretty cold here

Well so much for complaining about the heat.  After a couple days of 90s, it’s about 60 today and everyone is in jackets and scarves.

Can’t remember if I told you I had spent some time in the genet’s cage one night.  she is so lovely – so sinuous as she winds her way through the logs and structures in her cage.  Was amazingly interested in the small light I took in and kept coming over to nose at it and then once came and touched her nose to my leg.  I was thrilled.  I plan to go in again one night with the dog here who fostered and wet-nursed her when she came.

Also, the ostrich danced for me today.  Trying to get some video of that but they do it seldom and never on cue, so may be difficult.  It’s amazing to see though.  I think only the male does it.  He gets down on his knees and starts waving his wings all over the place while moving his neck like a Balinese temple dancer.  It’s quite a sight.

The ostriches also have laid an egg, but are not sitting on it much.

Ostrich egg - apparently abandoned

Ostrich egg - apparently abandoned

One of the baby squirrels that fell out of the ceiling in the main house has died, making all of us a bit sad.  The young lady who had stayed up nights to do feedings every 2 hours is very cut up.

One of Sofi's foster babies

One of Sofi's foster babies

Trying to arrange a trip to Kruger for a day or two, see what pans out.  I’m right here, so would be good to do it now.



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