I’m totally in LOVE!!!!!

What a couple of days!!

I stayed at James and Sonja’s place last night – a really nice house on a bush lot and I fell in love with Boris.

Boris is the bush baby that lives with them.  They had barely warned me about him when he jumped from somewhere
onto my shoulder.  James was setting up the computer for me so I could check my reservation in Piet Retief and
he then jumped back and forth between James and I.  When I got onto the computer he was playing the whole time.
Hanging off one of my fingers and falling into my lap, then back to my shoulder, then onto the computer.  Hiding
in my shirt and chewing my fingers.  He was SO sweet I can’t believe it.  I WANT ONE!!  Sonja put food out for him
and he ate a bit then went out hunting.  Apparently he comes back every morning about 5 a.m. and wakes everyone
up by playing with their faces, then goes off to sleep for the day.  I really wanted to stay another day to
play with Boris and to listen to all the birds they have there and just listen to the silence and the breeze,
but unfortunately had to get going.

Ellie family in Kruger

Ellie family in Kruger

The reservation I’d tried to get here before the net crashed on me in Daktari didn’t go as they were full, and
I tried to get another one at places they recommended, but no luck.  Sonja, using her knowledge of how to use
S African cell phones got the name of another place here and made me a reservation, but when I got here it
wasn’t suitable, being in an industrial area with truck depots behind and across the road, so I kept on looking.
Found a clean place with a vacancy fairly easily as there are plenty of places in this town, just none of them
advertise on the net.

Before I left Daktari I took one more try at getting Princess Maya, the marmoset, to be friends and get some good
photos.  I’d been feeding her peanuts every day and she’d rush to eat them, and when I went in her cage this time
she jumped on my ankle and I had an “Aw-w-w-w moment” – and it was a moment.  I took a peanut out of my pocket to
give her and she sunk her teeth into my ankle about a foot deep!  I then thought that maybe she’d been rushing to
eat the peanuts because she saw them as intruders that she was ‘killing’, but Andrea, the woman who looks after
her the most said that she’d learned that marmosets always think you’re stealing their food even if you’re
giving it to them.  Not the sharpest knives in the drawer, I guess, but that doesn’t go for their teeth!  I still
love her though.

Drakensberg 2

Drakensberg 2

Drakensberg 1

Drakensberg 1

The drive through the Drakensberg today was breathtaking!  You have to keep clearing your ears because you are
going up and down so far and so fast.  One spot I went through had huge red sandstone cliffs on either side, the
sandstone had huge patches of lime-green moss on it and the sun was shining on it.  So, so beautiful!  And absolutely NO place to stop and take a picture.

I  believe they call this road the Mist Route or something similar since there can be a lot of fog and it can come and go really quickly, making driving sometimes dangerous.

Think I got some good photos of the little blue waxbills this morning.  Flocks of them come to drink in the water
troughs next to the swimming pool and some little red-headed guys too.

Drakensberg 4

Drakensberg 4

Drakensberg 3

Drakensberg 3

On to Kosi Bay tomorrow.  Forgot the cable that I use to attach my mp3 player to the car stereo, so may buy one.
It’s hard to get a radio station many places here, especially travelling through the hills.  and may buy a couple
CDs too.  Johnny Clegg has a new one out, and I think his son Jason is doing some stuff too that sounds good.
He’s the one I babysat briefly in the tour bus on one of his dad’s shows in Toronto.

I watched one short video that a friend sent me by email, and it used up my entire R110 air time that I just put
in my computer today, so I’ve learned something new.  Will have to post this tomorrow when I can buy more and
buy a data bundle too so I can get some little bit of stuff besides just plain text email.


I’m in Kosi Bay now, got stuck in the sand twice coming on to the camp as they had no 4×4 to rent in Hoedspruit.
Good thing I’ve had experience driving on snow and ice or I would have been stuck more often. Though driving in deep loose sand is really not the same, I guess.

View from the porch of my cabin at Kosi Bay

View from the porch of my cabin at Kosi Bay

Had a wonderful lunch in Dullstroom yesterday.  Fresh trout from the local streams, fresh mixed veggies and a
melktart made on a sponge crust rather than the regular pie crust.  Apparently that is the traditional way to
make it and it’s even more delicious than on a regular crust!

Having to stand at the kitchen counter of my cabin to get reception here, so it’ll be short.

Wicked day in the car.  Highway improvements everywhere.  Nice that there are fewer potholes, but witchy sitting in
the delays where only one way can go at a time.

A nice cup of tea and off to bed now.  Stopped in Manguzi for my favourite fast food – burger with bacon and


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  1. Denis said

    It sounds like you’re having a good time. I guess it’s
    your birthday there so Happy Birthday.


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