I can’t believe how lovely and peaceful it is here.  It’s good that I like it since it looks as if I’ll be staying until Saturday instead of tomorrow.  No room at Tembe until then and I do want to go there and see any friends I had there who are still around.

There is a sweet little hummingbird here who will come and sit on your hand or shoulder and wait to get scratches before he flies off again.  You can’t believe how amazing it is to actually hold a hummingbird in your hand!

Resident hummingbird

Resident hummingbird

Going with Party today to see projects and accommodations for the website.  Remember to click on whenever you can since we really need clicks so people can find us.

First meeting with Party Vumase, my contact for the Zulu Project

First meeting with Party Vumase, my contact for the Zulu Project

Got to run now, but can’t wait to share my pictures.




  1. Rhonda said

    Happy Birthday, Marilyn. What a grand way of celebrating.

    • grannym said

      Thanks Rhonda. it’s been great!

  2. MT said

    See you are having a wonderful birthday by the sea (or bay?). Many happy returns of the day to you, MZ. Hope you are celebrating with a glass or two of good SA wine. Checked Google Earth and swear I saw you lounging on a deck with a glass in your hand whilst bird-watching. E-mail to follow soon via your own address. Cheers! MT

    • grannym said

      thanks, MT! Love your comments and your e-mails. It was definitely a different birthday, one you couldonly experience in Africa, for sure!

      More about that later. And remind me to tell you the story of the underwear – too long to tell here, but it had me on the floor!

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