Lazy day

It has rained most of today.  At least that will make it easier to drive out of here on Sunday morning, I hope.

Just sat around, read, listened to music, stared at the view outside and listened to the rain on the tin roof.

Multicoloured scenery

Multicoloured scenery


School children I visited yesterday

School children I visited yesterday


Had a fat little frog on the doorstep last night – cute little fellow – and saw a pied woodpecker today.

Going for lunch to Party’s house tomorrow.  I think maybe his wife is curious about this foreign woman he is working with, so will set her mind at ease and in the meantime enjoy a good traditional meal and get to meet his wife and three children too.  Should be excellent.

Cindi, the youngest son and all the (male) relatives at lunch

Cindi, the youngest son and all the (male) relatives at lunch

Been eating fish every night pretty much.  Love fish and don’t get enough at home.

One of the dogs here is some kind of spaniel that looks as if it’s been crossed with an afghan .  Anyway, she is the one that came and sat with me today.  When she didn’t get invited into the cabin, she just sat outside under my table on the porch and watched me read.

There’s a shebeen down below me in the village, so I hear the music each evening until about 9 or 10, but this is Friday and seems to be running late.  Maybe I should go down and join the party?  Only kidding.

Been hearing a lot about the local nkosi’s justice and tribal court.  He seems to be very keen to stamp out crime in the area, to the point where offenders will have their relatives phone the municipal police if they’re arrested by the nduna’s men and ask to be taken into their custody.  This guy apparently doesn’t fool around.  They’d love him in Texas – and apparently do here too.

Rain keeps me drowsy, so will toddle off now . . .

Next day:

The lunch was lovely and many new people to meet.  Tomorrow to Tembe.

The day after that:

Tembe Resident

Tembe Resident

Tembe was great.  I got to see Tom and Vusi and also my friend Fanisile who was one of the women I taught basic computer programs to when I was here before.  She went on to graduate from her course in Hotel and Resort Management.  The game drive was fun as usual, dinner was good – and the big bushbaby that kept hanging around (literally) in the trees waiting to be offered fruit or sweets was a hoot.  The bed was comfortable, the shower was hot and the sounds of many animals lulled me to sleep.  What more can you ask?  Well actually, I had wanted to get a picture of Fani and I together, but she had to go off on some project, so no picture and I didn’t even get to say goodbye!


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