Lovely day today

What a great day!  Despite the weather office’s prediction of rain solid for the next three days, Maria from Florida sent me some sun and it arrived before I woke up this morning.  It was a beautiful, sunny, breezy day.

I just futzed around, went to a second hand book shop and traded the books I’ve read for new ones (there were walls of books there, so spent some time, I’ll tell you), went to the mall and found some great hip-hop music for the grandkids, had a nice lunch and looked at some longer term rental accomodation for when I retire.

This is a school break, hence the traffic.  Everyone says it’s pretty slow here when school is in so should suit me just fine.

I want to visit the bird park tomorrow and see the local gorge the next day where there is supposed to be some spectacular scenery.

Fingers crossed about the weather.




  1. MT said

    Ooooo, it that Oribi Gorge??? Envy you everything!! Lovely day here as well – temps this week to be low 20s with sun every day. Yes, it will be madness while the schools are on hols. Family had beach cottage on the rocks at Ramsgate ages ago. It was in the bundu then, but probably is all built up now. Used to be a great Marks and Spencers at Shelley Beach – always good for a browse. Is the huge Umgababa basket stall still roadside? Probably the freeway bypasses all these places now. Sorry no time for long e-mail. More soon. Stay safe! MT

    • grannym said

      Yes, Oribi gorge.

      Haven’t seen Marks and Sparks, but will ask. They have the best woolen undershirts and they’re washable but they won’t send to Canada any more.

      Haven’t hear anything about the basket stall, but will ask too as it sounds interesting.

      If I go through Ramsgate, I’ll let you know how built up it is.

  2. Maria said

    YAY! glad the Florida sun made it across the big pond! You sound much happier! Oh Great Ra…a life maker and life saver.

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