Waving in the breeze

Ha! The car may work fine, but if I go too fast or catch a gust of wind, the fender bends backwards and sticks out like a wing.  Maybe I’ll turn it in and exchange it after all.  When I called Avis and told them the good news they gave me a choice of turning it in and exchanging it or else just carrying on until the end of my vacation.  I’ll decide tomorrow.

Found out what that big dark bird is – a Cape Loury.  Saw one in flight yesterday, and what a beauty!  All charcoal gray, except for a wide copper-coloured band around his neck and brilliant scarlet underwings. Another beautiful bird, which mein host only knew as a white-eye is small – sparrow sized – with a brilliant mustard coloured belly, the front of his neck is turquoise and his back is a shiny lime green.  He blends in so well with the leaves and shadows in the trees that you have to look really hard to see him.

Drove 9 hrs today – all through the inland route to East London.  Decided to ignore the blinking GPS, which wanted me to take the N2 the whole way.  N2 is sort of like 401 on a smaller scale.   I wanted to see more of the coast line and some of the smaller inland places so I headed for those and just let the GPS squawk away.  After I saw a bit of what I wanted, then I let it guide me back to the N2 eventually. Took me through many, many foothills.  I went up and down as much as I went ahead.  Beautiful country.  Roads cut through hills which have so much iron in the dirt that it is brilliant red or orange – almost burgundy in some places.  Went through a town called Collywobble – no kidding.  All sorts of picturesque little towns and settlements spread across the hills.  Lots of rivers and forests and the Kei gorge too.  It’s really hard to drive and admire the scenery at the same time though, so maybe if I ever get here again, I’ll do more by bus like I did the first time.

Going to chill here tomorrow, and will go to Tsitsikamma on Tuesday and stay 3 nights.  Then maybe back to Grahamstown for a couple days.  Who knows?  Playing it by ear right now as don’t have to be back in Durban until the 25th.

Last night in Margate was really foggy, and here tonight.  Boy – we do NOT know what fog is at all!!  It comes rolling in and soaks everything immediately.  I’m so glad I wasn’t on the road either night when it hit, because I don’t know how driving would be in that.

Anyway, I’m kind of beat and do want to get off my bum as it has seen enough abuse today.




  1. Lise said

    Collywoggle – I love it.. my mom uses the expression all the time!!

    • grannym said

      The British influence here is very strong!

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