I never want to hear Lady Gaga again!

Not that I don’t like her, mind you.  I was frantic for something to listen to on these long drives where you’re lucky if you can get a radio station to hold for 10 minutes, so I went looking for some discs to play.  Got some conscious hip-hop for the Three Musketeers and got some more today.  But that day the only music I saw that I thought I might like (have tried to get Johnny Clegg’s new release, but nowhere to be found so far) was a double disc of the Lady on sale.  So I got it and that’s what I’ve listened to, exclusively, through the hours long drive through the Oribi Gorge and the almost 9 hour trip to get here yesterday.  It’s enough . . .

I got a disc by Cherilyn Macneil who I really like.  She had a group called Harris Tweed, but people in the British Isles made legal noises over the name of the band, so now it’s called Dear Reader.  If you don’t know it, check out Harris Tweed and especially a song called Ode to Confusion.  I love it, and the new disc seems to be really good too, what little I’ve heard of it – but will get plenty of listening time in tomorrow on the 7 (est) hr drive to Tsitsikamma.

Today was another lazy day.  Breakfast here is only between 7 and 8, so I had breakfast, then a long nap.  Woke up at noon, went looking for music and groceries for supper.  Tried the local Mickey D’s – they don’t have Big Macs!  Have all the chicken stuff and a flatbread chicken sandwich they call a foldover which I haven’t seen at home, and the fish fillet.  Had lunch there and then got the music and groceries.

Did I ever tell you that you CANNOT get pure fruit juice here – except apple?  I mean, the stuff is 100% fruit juice, but everything is mixed.  Nothing is 100% of one fruit.  Not even Ceres!!  Why I can’t get a jug of pure orange juice in  a country with so many citrus groves and fruit juice plants is beyond me.

Another realisation is beginning to dawn and maybe those of you who have lived by the ocean can tell me how it is for you?

I’ve always dreamed of retiring near the ocean, but on this trip am finding that I don’t like it much.  It’s beautiful, and smells wonderful, and sounds great – but everything is always damp and clammy.  Your clothes are damp, your bed and pillows are damp, your towels are damp before you even start your shower!  When I get home I’m going to have to wash everything I brought with me in Lysol to get the mildewy smell stopped, I think.

I need some desert time to balance this clamminess.  Tsitsikamma is more inland, so maybe I can get things dry at least.  I still love so much about the ocean, but maybe I’ll have to plan to live a bit more inland and just go and visit lots?

Going to grab some supper, read for a while and tuck in early, since I’ll need to get an early start tomorrow.


P. S. Another thing I’ve discovered here is that if you want to get photos of flowers in the tropics, you literally have only a couple hours after they bloom before they start fading, falling apart and being eaten.



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  1. MT said

    Hope the weather is good for Tsitsikamma and that the dassies and you are basking in the sun. No sun here today – just gloom and drizzle that is threatening to cancel Tigers/Rangers game in Detroit. Yes, I can relate to the dampness of living by the sea. Bought a new Datsun in the 80s while living in Durban North. It was rusting within the year. As far as fruit juice goes – most stuff is mainly apple with something else thrown in. Don’t know if the company Juicy Lucy is still squeezing fresh fruit right before your eyes. They used to have stands in most malls in KZN. Hope you find Johnny Clegg’s new CD. Looking forward to hearing the baby-sitting story one day. All for now. Stay safe. MT

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