Good thing it’ll grow in

Not too much to report.

Got here Friday afternoon, started looking at what I wanted to see and emailing for further directions for a couple things that looked interesting yesterday.

Yesterday morning I finally found the Johnny Clegg disc I wanted, and while I was at the mall I decided to get my hair cut.  It’s really been bugging me since no matter how long I grow it little bits keep breaking off and then they’re too short to be caught back and just keep flying around my face and hanging in my neck.  Anyway, the result of telling the girl to cut it short and a little bit feathery is undoubtedly the worst haircut I’ve ever had – and I’ve had some terrible ones.  Little “Dutch boy” bangs and some choppy pieces that stick out at the side of my head like I’m the Flying Nun or something.  I have no mirror to let me see the back, (and maybe that’s a mercy or I might stay indoors for the rest of the trip) but I can feel that it’s really short and choppy.  A veritable ‘backed-into-a-running-lawnmower’ of a haircut!  I’ll have to see what Stacey, my regular hairstylist, can do with what’s left when I get home.

Went to church this morning and when I got back no further information from any of the places I’d want to see, so played with the dog, read and napped.  It wasn’t as windy today, which made it nice for sitting out in the lovely garden here and watching the birds and the geckos that climb on the garden wall.

I still can’t get over how business people here just don’t get back to you when you e-mail them.  Whether it’s for accommodation or for more information on a tourist site they are running, it can be days or weeks before you get a reply. Don’t understand it when they’re all complaining about how poor they are.

Not much else going on, so back to my book.  Even the dog has deserted me since I finished sharing my supper left-overs with her this afternoon.  Faithless creature!




  1. Maria said

    Bad haircuts are part of my travel adventures as well! In the Yucatan I went for a trim and came out looking like Rod Stewart- or like I had stuck my finger in an electrical outlet…hairstyles in small port towns are stuck in the 80s big hair movement. It grew out and I wore A LOT of scarves and bandanas…it was ultimately a good Bohemian look for me…I thought dogs are supposed to be loyal?

    • grannym said

      Dogs *are* loyal, but dogs at B&Bs learn to find the treats, and they know everyone except the leader of the pack is going to leave very soon so they are too smart to get too attached.

      This one is another rescue dog and a strange cross-breed. Rhodesian Ridgeback and Beagle, if you can imagine. It’s really nice to see so many people here taking in rescues. And doing a really good job with them.

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