It’s almost over . . . .

My trip is almost over, and I’m so depressed about coming home I can hardly move.  I’m back in Margate after leaving PE and driving to New London then the next day on up here.  Been taking it easy after all the driving but better get out and have some beach time as only two more days here and then Wednesday off to Durbs to turn in the car, then on to Jozie for two nights before I fly out homeward bound.

View from my deck at Treetops 2

View from my deck at Treetops 2

View from my deck at Treetops 1

View from my deck at Treetops 1

Geckos at their fast food joint

Geckos at their fast food joint

I’m back at Treetops, and I love the decks here in front of the rooms.  Way up in the trees.  Herd (flock? pack?) of monkeys on the roof this evening, making a heck of a racket and jumping from the roof over the deck and into the trees.  I’ll sure miss being able to sit out front and see all the birds and butterflies too.  Going to miss the geckos all over the front wall and sitting on the porch light, not to mention the little guys scrambling around my room looking for goodies to eat that would otherwise just bite me.

My room gecko

My room gecko

Eeee-ew!  A huge red centipede

Eeee-ew! A huge red centipede

Flocks of hadedas fly over twice a day as I’m on the path between where they spend their nights and the Conservancy where they go each day to eat.  Now there’s a racket!

I never know that geckos made a noise, but they do.  Sort of a whirring sound, which I’ve been told they do only at mating time when they’re getting territorial, but I’m far from sure that the imparter of this information knew what he was on about.  Just found out too that geckos don’t have sticky pads or suction cups on their feet but can climb walls due to some sort of molecular attraction that they’ve just discovered. Weird!

Also saw a strange little gecko with raised lines all down the length of him, crosswise.

Unless something radical happens, don’t know if I’ll be making any more entries here before I leave – may just sit somewhere and commune with nature.

I’ll e-mail you all when I get the photos up and the video uploaded somewhere that you can see.



  1. Maria said

    Awwww,,,no more vicarious travel…I feel your pain! I am REALLY interested in the gecko molecular thing…fascinating. Have an uneventful trip back home…can’t wait to see the pics! Bon voyage!

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