Excellent Day!



A TROOP of darn monkeys!  I knew I’d remember if I quit trying to force it . . .

Ramsgate beach map sign

Ramsgate beach map sign

Just had to share my day with you all.  Went out to Ramsgate where a friend had a cottage when she was small, to see how built up it had become and maybe get some photos for her.

It was an absolutely perfect day, weather-wise.  Hot sun, good cool breeze down by the water and not very many people on the beach, which was lovely.  Walked up and down the beach and took some video from different places which I will send my friend in hopes that she can recognize where the cottage was and that the beach scenes bring back some good memories for her and her family.

Saw lots of little lizards on the rocks – one kind which jumps straight up into the air – very strange to see and funny.  A dassie sped across the rocks in front of me and I didn’t get a picture as he surprised me so much I just gaped.  Then I had lunch on the beach, and after that went down closer to the water and just sat in the sand watching the waves and the sand crabs and trying not to doze off.  Sat there for a couple hours and I fully plan to do that again tomorrow if the weather co-operates.  I feel so relaxed right now that I could pass for a sea sponge.

Going  to get some supper and have an early night so I can get on the road tomorrow early.  Well, sort of early I guess.  The flying ants have descended – they look much like our fish flies at home – and the geckos are out in force having feasts.  It’s such a hoot to watch them I keep going out and sitting on the porch just to see them work.



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