More travel tips

** !! Never, EVER, pay for accommodation or any attraction by bank transfer unless you know the vendor and his/her reputation .  This method of payment is becoming more popular as credit card fees eat into vendors’ profits.  BUT it has also become a haven for scam artists who will ask for bank transfer payments, and when you arrive there is no accommodation or attraction there.  They will have web-sites and everything on-line but nothing else and you will be out your money.  If you pay by credit card, you will be able to get your money back.

** Amor’s Creations, the hair stylist I went to in Port Elizabeth to repair the mess from my haircut at the salon in the Green Line mall, is excellent!

** The Coachmen Restaurant in PE also makes a really nice meal for a fair price.

** There is a small deli just down the road from Amor’s Creations in PE that makes the best potato waffles – other types too.

**  Manna Bookstore Trade and Exchange in Storms River Village needs your trades!!  Don’t forget . . .

** The Friar Tuck restaurant in Margate does a great steak, and they use lovely Karan beef.

** Uvongo Book Exchange has lots and lots of books!  Just off Marine Drive in Uvongo/Margate.

** Bushwillow Lodge guesthouse in Hoedspruit is a great place to kick back and relax if you are going to Kruger Park or other neighbouring places – and they have the resident bushbaby, lots of birds in the trees – beautiful place.

** A couple good restaurants in the Khamengelo (sp?) Mall on R527 in Hoedspruit – there’s a sports bar in the back right corner and an Italian restaurant in the front left corner.  There’s also a Wimpy there if you like that kind of stuff.

** The computer shop in the Pick ‘n Pay Centre  in Hoedspruit is wonderful – fix any problems with your electronics, have supplies and friendly efficient service.  I’ve lost their card, but will try to get their name from the friends who live in the area.

*** And my favourite find!  SIGNATURE cosmetics.  Due to allergies, sensitivities and so on I haven’t been able to wear cosmetics of any kind for years and years.  Signature is a line developed in SA from the old Coty ‘recipes’ and when I wandered through the store, just browsing to see what was new, I stopped to sniff the mascara, which is the cosmetic I miss most.  No reaction from my sinuses or eyes!!  I don’t have that lack of reaction even to the most expensive hypo-allergenic cosmetics on the N American market.  I bought a couple and they are great.  No problems whatsoever.  Available at most large shopping malls or by mail-order from the company website:

** Second favourite find: Mohair socks.  SA is trying to move forward with a fledgling mohair industry, so there are many small shops selling different things made from mohair.  I decided to try the socks, since it’s hard to get wool socks here and I have to have my wool socks for the winter.  I love them.  Warm and cuddly (a lot like me!) and I hope to get more .


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