2015 – Week 2

This won’t be a very long entry, since I only spent a few days seeing friends in Johannesburg.

One friend I didn’t get to see though, is Clint, a chap I met on my first trip to South Africa.  He was working as a ranger, I think, at the place I stayed while I volunteered, Tembe Elephant Park.  He now has two enterprises that he runs, Royal Designer Reptiles and an organic truck farm.  If the photos are any indication, both are doing well.  So sorry I missed you Clint.

The trip from Daktari to Johannesburg was several hours and I’d driven a lot of it myself before so it was nice to have someone else driving. I took Ashton’s Shuttle Service this time instead of flying.



You see these  – things – I don’t know what they’re called.  People have suggested designations but I don’t think I’ve heard the correct one yet. Just huge piles of huge rocks, looking as if some giant child has dropped a handful of Lego blocks.  I know it must have happened from glaciation, but not sure what they’re called.  They fascinate me.


Waterfall in canyon

The trip also went through some of the canyon roads, and we stopped at a small gathering of craft shops for a break and to take photos.  It’s incredibly beautiful here.


Craft stores

When I did get to Johannesburg I spent an afternoon with my friend Reg, which was lovely.  We just chatted, caught up on things, had some snacks and just kicked back for a while.  His partner Thierry was away on a conference so I didn’t get to see him – and I didn’t get a picture of Reg and I which I regret.

Spent time too with my friend Karen.  We went to church and back to her place for lunch and the afternoon.  I was amazed at her rose garden.  She has many wonderful plants and bushes but for some reason I just hadn’t ever thought of roses and Africa in the same sentence.  I’m going to miss Karen a lot, so I hope she gets over here sometime soon.


Karen’s rose garden


Karen and I after a good visit.


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