2015 – Part 3

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After Johannesburg I started down south. This time I took the plane to Port Elizabeth instead of to George.

I was actually quite disappointed that I wasn’t going to Tembe, because I’d wanted to take some of the senior class members from both my friend Party’s school and from Asibuyeni, where I taught the first time I was in S Africa, on a trip to Tembe Park, as I had done with my Asibuyeni learners when I was there. Despite emails and FB messages to everyone I knew, no one got back to me with the park education director’s name and contact info to get it set up. I was so disappointed that I just skipped the park entirely.

Anyway, when I landed in Pt Elizabeth, I got a room at Urban Manor where I have stayed before. Lots of pictures in prior years’ blog entries. I’d rented a car, so spent a couple of days there, got my hair cut by Reinette, my favourite hairdresser in the world (she can still razor cut). Reinette actually has relatives here in Hamilton. I’ve told her that if she comes to visit, she should bring her scissors.

Then I drove down the coast and pulled in at Storm’s Rivier, one of my very favourite places in SA. The little main street is very touristy, but in a good way. Lots of places to sign up for adventure tours – things like zip-lining, rafting and bungee jumping. Also some craft and souvenir shops, a grocery store and Marilyn’s Diner, devoted to Marilyn Monroe and the 60s. There are more photos of Tsitsikamma and Storm’s Rivier in previous blogs too.


Marilyn’s 2 – Pink Cadillac




Marilyn’s 3


Marilyn’s 5


Marilyn’s 4

I checked in to my favourite hotel down there, Tsitsikamma Village Inn. Such a relaxing vibe there. The people that own it used to own the Tsitsikamma Lodge but it got bought out by a chain concern so they came here and you can feel their influence the minute you walk in. Lovely rooms, two cats, lots of wild birds, some ducks if you go out back. Another place I’m really going to miss. I kicked back here for a few days while I took the bit in my teeth to accomplish my main objective here, the zip-line canopy tour.


My Tsitsikamma room


My Tsitsikamma cat

I had tried to do it on two previous visits, but chickened out both times. I knew I’d be really upset with myself if I didn’t do it this time, since it was my last trip there. No more chances – I HAD to do it this time.

I did, and I was so terrified for the first few jump-offs that I couldn’t even open my eyes, but by the end of the trip (10 jump-offs) I was looking and actually smiling in the trip. The staff was amazing – kind and patient, and so were all the other vacationers taking the trip. A young couple from Singapore took some video of me with their phone, and so did a South African young lady who was there with her sister, and I think, her uncle. It was amazing and I was so pumped that I had actually done it, I think I grinned for about a week.


From terrified . . .



. . . to triumphant


Granny zip-lining


One of the really funny things that happens when you’re travelling is what you can jury-rig to fill a need.  Many times plugs were far off the ground and once I got the adaptor and the very heavy transformer plugged in things would need to be propped up in order to not fall apart.  Here I’ve got the local telephone directory, the Bible, the in-room menu set like a tent and a package of complimentary cookies from my tea tray all holding up my set of plugs so my notebook would charge.


*I* am the mother of invention!

After being in recovery mode for a couple days, I headed back to Pt Elizabeth and Urban Manor. It was Canadian Thanksgiving that weekend, and I always get a bit homesick when I’m away for Thanksgiving. The restaurant I used to like to go to, The Coachmen, has move from just around the corner from the Urban Manor to new and larger premises on the beach. Still the same good food and service though, and you really can’t stay homesick too long with a view like this.


View from the patio of the Coachmen restaurant where I had my Thanksgiving fish.

Then it was back to the airport – the GPS took me through an industrial area and into the middle of a cow pasture where any semblance of a trail disappeared. Always easy to find kind souls to put you back on the path though, so I followed a gentleman from the nearest peopled area to the airport and got ready for my flight to Durban.

So much of travel depends on the kindness of strangers – wherever you are.



  1. Colin Scott said

    You know how to live life, congratulations on you courage……colin scott

  2. Risty said

    very inspirative ❤

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