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Lovely day

Got to the cheetah breeding project with my LL’s help and maps and it was really fun.  I was the only one on the tour when I took it so had lots of time with the ‘pets’.

Got some really cute video clips of petting the cheetah – you can hear her purring.  She purrs so loudly that it sounds like a truck engine idling.  She licked my hand and I said to the guide that I was surprised her tongue wasn’t much rougher.  The guide said that then she wasn’t licking hard as they have to be very careful when they’re all sweaty because she will then lick hard for the salt and it only takes 6 or 7 licks to take the skin off you just like sandpaper.

And some cute clips of the two baby lions.  They had just been fed so were feeling lazy, but would make sure you scratched the right places either by rolling over or grabbing your hand with a paw.  Licked my hands and nipped them a bit – really cute little guys.  Didn’t want to leave at all.

Good to hear too that they’re being very responsible about gene pool mixing – trading breeders with other projects and zoos, and that they are also keeping those animals due to be released to the wild well away from human traffic and you can just see them in the distance.  They do need the little ones and a tame one though as the revenue from the petting section is what keeps them going I imagine.  It ain’t cheap to feed a cheetah.

The cheetah guide with the 'tame' cheetah

The cheetah guide with the 'tame' cheetah

I’ll get the video up as soon as I can after I get home and let you all know.

Another thing I forgot to tell you about.  Some of the townships here (like reservations at home) are mostly better off or educated working people like teachers and government workers, and they may have a fairly nice house, lots of “stuff” (my friend Party that I visited earlier has a 3D TV set-up) and they may or may not have electricity – if not, solar hot water and propane for fridges and a generator – but many townships have no running water.  So I saw as I was driving one day, a few well-off looking ladies with nice new ‘bakkies’ (small pick-up trucks) who had taken their loads of laundry down to a nearby river and were washing their clothes and spreading them in the field to dry.  A country full of strange contrasts here.

A couple towns I passed by that were interestingly named – Dam-Dam and Hanky.  There was another good one today but I’ve forgotten it.

Supposed to rain tomorrow, but all I have planned is a nice massage if I can get an appointment – these hours of driving are making my back a bit stiff, and a haircut repair – both the guide at the cheetah project and my LL at the B&B have offered to take me to their hair stylists (you would not believe the looks I’m getting on the street!).  It’s already so short the only remedy may be to shave it all off – I don’t know.  Cross your fingers for me . . .

(–New haircut was a success)



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