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2015 – Part 4 – A Secret Garden

This part will be mostly pictures.

After I came north up the coast again, once I’d completed my Storms River stay, I went to Margate and stayed at the same place I always stay – Treetops Lodge.  Unfortunately the place, or at least the self-contained unit I stayed in – and I always stay in the same one, on the end, so I can see the monkeys pass by in the mornings – hadn’t been kept up at all.  I think nothing had been done there since 2007 when I first stayed there and it is the mould and mildew that get me the worst.  Even though I had had a case sent to them of the new stuff that breaks the spores (ZeroMold) so that it doesn’t come back, I still couldn’t stay in the unit for very long even with the windows open, and still breathe.  They sure hadn’t used the stuff on that unit.  Anyway, I’d had enough, and as much as I love their deck, couldn’t take the lack of maintenance any longer so moved down the coast to Marina Beach.

What a score that place was – I’ll tell you about it in the next and last installment.  And I got it, basically, due to the kindness of strangers.  I’ve said this many times, that travelling would not be nearly as fun or as serendipitous without the kindness of strangers.

But anyway, my landlord at the new place took me to see this local site, where someone had landscaped the vacant lot next to his own house and made a gem of a little park-like garden.  It’s just stunning!  So this will be mainly photos of the garden, with not much explanation, especially since I don’t know the plant names.

I hope you enjoy them.  If you know the flowers, let me know the names if you want.






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Excellent Day!



A TROOP of darn monkeys!  I knew I’d remember if I quit trying to force it . . .

Ramsgate beach map sign

Ramsgate beach map sign

Just had to share my day with you all.  Went out to Ramsgate where a friend had a cottage when she was small, to see how built up it had become and maybe get some photos for her.

It was an absolutely perfect day, weather-wise.  Hot sun, good cool breeze down by the water and not very many people on the beach, which was lovely.  Walked up and down the beach and took some video from different places which I will send my friend in hopes that she can recognize where the cottage was and that the beach scenes bring back some good memories for her and her family.

Saw lots of little lizards on the rocks – one kind which jumps straight up into the air – very strange to see and funny.  A dassie sped across the rocks in front of me and I didn’t get a picture as he surprised me so much I just gaped.  Then I had lunch on the beach, and after that went down closer to the water and just sat in the sand watching the waves and the sand crabs and trying not to doze off.  Sat there for a couple hours and I fully plan to do that again tomorrow if the weather co-operates.  I feel so relaxed right now that I could pass for a sea sponge.

Going  to get some supper and have an early night so I can get on the road tomorrow early.  Well, sort of early I guess.  The flying ants have descended – they look much like our fish flies at home – and the geckos are out in force having feasts.  It’s such a hoot to watch them I keep going out and sitting on the porch just to see them work.


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Sunny days

Yesterday was a sleep-in day.  Kept getting up and going back to bed.  It was fairly chilly so I was quite happy there.

Today went to the bird park and there were some intersting birds there, the best of which was the giant hornbill.  He was a ways up in the tree so I don’t know for sure how big he was, but it looked as if, if he stood on the ground he would almost reach my shoulder.  He was ENORMOUS!!  (Actually just looked them up, and average size is 4-1/4 ft (130 cm) head to tail, but doesn’t say how tall).  (Google ‘giant hornbill’.  A couple great articles/videos there)

There were a lot of other birds I wasn’t familiar with, like the vasa, who was quite a good talker, and a lot of mutations I hadn’t seen before too.  I was kind of sad though since it seems that their diet consists of sunflower seeds either entirely or primarily – even the nectar eaters.  and they have not really been socialized properly and have had no stimulation.  Too many birds plucking or just sitting crouched way back in the pen, behaving like that poor abused parrot I got from the rescue.  I know if he tried to run a place like that in Canada or the US, he’d be shut down before you could turn around.

The rest of the day I just sat on the porch here and watched the birds, or wandered around the grounds.  Good variety of birds here, and a feeder hung out near the deck.

It’s much more tropical here than up north.  The grounds here are all indigenous trees and shrubs, so palms of different kinds and many I don’t have a clue about.  It’s really quite beautiful and peaceful.  And the stream at the bottom of the property, which you can now hear since the rains, but not see due to the ‘jungle’ down there, is making a lovely racket, which tends to soothe me right into a drowse.




It’s a hard life, eh?

I’ll be off to the gorge tomorrow, then Sunday will drive to East London I think since I don’t want to do the whole way to Tsitsikamma all at one go and end up arriving in the dark.  Did that last time and missed the gate/turnoff 3 times.

Guess I should go and try to make my Sunday night reservation . . .


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