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2015 – Part 4 – A Secret Garden

This part will be mostly pictures.

After I came north up the coast again, once I’d completed my Storms River stay, I went to Margate and stayed at the same place I always stay – Treetops Lodge.  Unfortunately the place, or at least the self-contained unit I stayed in – and I always stay in the same one, on the end, so I can see the monkeys pass by in the mornings – hadn’t been kept up at all.  I think nothing had been done there since 2007 when I first stayed there and it is the mould and mildew that get me the worst.  Even though I had had a case sent to them of the new stuff that breaks the spores (ZeroMold) so that it doesn’t come back, I still couldn’t stay in the unit for very long even with the windows open, and still breathe.  They sure hadn’t used the stuff on that unit.  Anyway, I’d had enough, and as much as I love their deck, couldn’t take the lack of maintenance any longer so moved down the coast to Marina Beach.

What a score that place was – I’ll tell you about it in the next and last installment.  And I got it, basically, due to the kindness of strangers.  I’ve said this many times, that travelling would not be nearly as fun or as serendipitous without the kindness of strangers.

But anyway, my landlord at the new place took me to see this local site, where someone had landscaped the vacant lot next to his own house and made a gem of a little park-like garden.  It’s just stunning!  So this will be mainly photos of the garden, with not much explanation, especially since I don’t know the plant names.

I hope you enjoy them.  If you know the flowers, let me know the names if you want.






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