Daktari 1

Well, it’s Wednesday already.  We do the evaluation on our first group of kids tomorrow and then they go home at noon on Friday.  More volunteers coming on Saturday so I’ll likely have roomies (sigh!).

Spikey the porcupine didn’t come to visit last night so people are a bit concerned, and it has  been discovered that Maxi the bushbuck who visits is pregnant, so they’re giving her a bit more food.  The two warthogs are getting to be a pain in the tuchas, but they’re so determined and oblivious to anything but what they want that you can’t help but laugh.  They’re big and strong, so getting them away from you when they’ve decided not to go can be a chore!  AND they still think they’re babies and both very large piggies will try and get into the dog bed they used to share when they were small – and it barely fits one of them right now, so it’s pretty much destroyed.  But they destroy lots of things – chew upholstery and furniture, eat books and magazines and try to run off with cups and dishes so they can lick them clean at leisure.  And they love to chew my legs.  I think that they think that my varicose veins are fruits and keep trying to nibble them.

Eeyore is another interesting resident.  He is a totally blind large donkey who motors around here as if nothing is wrong.  He got his name since he looks so mournful all the time. And then there are the squirrels.  They are a bit small and very chipmunk coloured, which is what I thought they were at first.  One is pretty tame and spends a lot of time in the office, where he continually startles the bejeepers out of me by popping up out of a filing tray or something when I’m busy thinking about something else.

The leopard

The leopard

The staff here is great – and Ian and Michele, the owners, are really nice and accommodating.  Michele just left today for France to see her family for her birthday.  She said she’d rather be here and I believe that.

Lucky the office squirrel - he has a family there now too

Lucky the office squirrel - he has a family there now too

Gorgeous George my bathroom frog

Gorgeous George my bathroom frog



  1. Lise said

    loving your posts! how many kids in each group and how long do they stay in the program?

  2. Maria said

    Okay, so tell me again, HOW do you come across these awesome trips?? Love the posts…

  3. grannym said

    There will be 8 – 10 kids per program and they only stay for one week unfortunately.

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